If I were to describe Enigma in any ONE statement, it could only be “The sound of sensuality.”

I suspect that there are people out there that would find other ways to describe the sound, as everyone hears something different when they listen to the same music.  But for me, when I listen to the music of Enigma, I hear several emotions, among these would be love, lust, passion, anger, desire and romance.  Listening to any of their CDs, for me, is like listening to someone share their emotions with me through music.

Naty and I first heard music by Enigma when we had the misfortune of seeing the movie “East of Eden”, which featured the song Return to Innocence.  That song, in spite of the movie, caused us to wait until the credits and see who performed it.  We then went to the music store and picked up a copy of the Tape MXMXC A.D., CDs were still a bit of a luxury for us back then… and listened to it.  We were both very moved by that tape and, literally, played it until we wore it out.  Playing it, in my estimate, several hundred times.

The Group or Project.

There is not really a lot of background to the group, Enigma, itself.  In fact, they only sprang into existence in 1990, though the founding leader of it, Michael Cretu, had a decent musical career dating to the late 1970s.  He founded the group in 1990 and the rest is musical history.  Fortunately it does not stop there…

You see, Enigma was always expressed as a concept or a project.  I do not think that Cretu expected for the group or the sounds to catch on as well as it did.  After the success of MXMXC A.D., and the subsequent releases by Enigma, it became apparent that not only were they a success, but they had touched on a sound that had mass appeal.  Not only were their own CDs and Tape flying off the shelves, but other groups were picking up the ball and running with it.

In the early nineties you will see a surge of groups with that same style of sound, such as artists like Ray Lynch and Michael Oldfield, both excellent examples of people who appear to have been inspired by Enigma without sounding like they are copying the style or work.  There are other groups that fall into that same category, but my purpose here is to talk about the one and give some examples in the hopes that my readers might go out and look into them.

Their current album, Seven Lives Many Faces, is nothing less that what I would have expected from them.  The music pulls you in and keeps you entranced.  There is something about this, as well as all their other work, that almost feels like it is calling you into it.  Hypnotizing you, if you will, to go a little deeper, listen to a little more.  This best way to prepare you for your first listen to them is expressed in the first track on the MXMCXC A.D. CD…

Good evening
This is the voice of Enigma

In the next hour
we will take you with us
into another world,
into the world of music, spirit and meditation

Turn off the light,
take a deep breath
and relax

start to move slowly,
very slowly
Let the rhythm be your
guiding light

All in all I do not see how you could go wrong with anything that is put out by Enigma… the music is incredible.  You will find a little of all the emotions in this… but hopefully you will find the sound to be as uplifting, motivational and spiritual as I have.

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3 thoughts on “Enigma”

  1. Ahhh, Enigma, and I am a lover of their sounds and videos – absolutely music for the soul from another dimention 😉 It pisses me off however that any time that I place a video of theirs on one of my blogs it gets disabledf within no time… such a pity…

  2. Funny… I just spoke to another person and they added that there is also a certain about of eroticism to Enigma's music.

    This prompted me to list to his example and I heard it. Principles of Lust is actually a very erotic song, depending on how you listen to it.


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