Back from the nowhere…

OK… I have no excuse.  I have not written in almost a month and the only thing I can present as my defense is that I was lazy and that I have also been working very hard on a story that I am going to submit.  It is a work of fiction, but I am not sharing any details with anyone at this time.  If it gets printed, then I will share with you WHERE it is in print.

I am putting more efforts into this blog again and should be pumping out some stuff shortly.

Thanks for the readership and welcome to the new subscribers I have just noticed.

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3 thoughts on “Back from the nowhere…”

  1. I was wondering what happened to you. Was just about to shoot you an e-mail. Good to know you're alive! LOL! 🙂 Best of luck to you with the story. Hope you get it published. Looking forward to reading it.


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