Know your job!

A couple weeks ago I went to the hardware store to pick up a couple new blades for my table saw.  Specifically I went to the Lowes on Rosedale Hwy here in Bakersfield.

Since I plan on doing several projects with my woodshop, I decided to go ahead and pick up three blades, Coarse cut, Fine cut and a Dado blade.  Not something that I would think would require much work or effort on my or anyone else’s part.

I was wrong.

Upon entering the store, I noticed that there were not that many people who looked like they worked there, let alone that they were WORKING there.  So I ventured into the power tools section and found a good price for a combo pack with a coarse and fine tooth blade in it.  I could not, however, find any dado blades.  So I started my search for someone that was familiar with this department.

After giving up on the search and asking a young lady at the counter if she could call someone to help me in that department, and her reacting like this was the most monumental thing she had been asked to do in her short, yet unproductive, life, I was greeted by a gentleman of whose name I will not mention here… but if he happens to read this, he and his fellow associates might know who he is.

Upon meeting the person, I asked if he knew anything about the power tools and more specifically, the blades for the table saws.  He advised me that he was and this was the area he worked in.

So… I asked him for a 10 inch dado blade for my table saw.

Judging by the look on his face, one would have though that I had asked him to carry Pi out the the 1500th integer…  in shorthand… with his foot.  He advised me that he was not aware of such a thing and asked me what it was used for.

I explained the many wonderful uses for dado blades and that they were something that was very common among people that work with wood.

He still had this confused look and I was seriously considering offering him a pen and paper to start working on PI, as it might have been an easier undertaking for him, when he got an “AHA” look on his face, let me know he would be right back.

FOr the next ten or fifteen minutes I contemplated the joys of solar electricity, ceiling fans and listened to the gals behind the counter talk about their previous evening’s escapades.

Then our hero rounds the corner with a look of satisfaction.  He had an answer.

according to our hero, dado blades are no longer made… them falling to the wayside at routers and their bits are capable of so much more, these days.

So…  Dado blades are no longer made.  This coming from a person that works in a hardware store.  A hardware store that deals, among other things, in home improvement.

Taking my newly gained knowledge and knowing better myself, I went to the Home Depot next to my house, where I found…  a dado blade.  Yes… it was rather high up and I did need to have some help getting to it, since these stores tend to take issue with you using their ladders yourself.

The moral of this story is that if you are going to take a job and if you do not want to look like an idiot yourself or make the entire company look like idiots, then for the love of GOD, learn what the heck you are talking about.  Do not wing it, make it up as you go or just guess.  Job knowledge is key to certain things and a lack of said knowledge is why I spent my money at Home Depot instead of Lowes this time around.

Thank you for your time.

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2 thoughts on “Know your job!”

  1. I'd stock up, pretty soon saw blades will be illegal, after all your cutting down vital forest's just so you can enjoy making something from wood. tsk, tsk, tsk.

    And we wonder why other countries are surpassing us in every area. Seems like no one has any pride in what they do anymore.

    Hear any good sex stories from the cashiers adventure's……


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