More adventures in Masonry…

Me_Mason1In a past article, I shared with you how important being part of the Masons was to me.  The fact that it was a part of my family for a long time is only part of the reason, more importantly is the effect that groups like the Masons have on those around them.  Not just on a community level, but on a person to person level.

Being a Mason is not about uttering some phrases and hanging out with a group of people in your lodge, though that is an important part of the Craft.  It is about demonstrating that you are a person who represents all that is good and noble about Masonry.  That through your actions, through your attitude and through what you do for others, you are improving your life and the lives of others.  Thus you are exemplifying what it is to BE a Brother Mason.

Masonry is important to me not for what it can do for me, but for what tools, spiritually, emotionally and through the support of my fellow brethren, that let me help and support those around me.  This is something that I saw in my uncle when I was very young.  William Yelland, my Uncle, was a Mason’s Mason.  He lived the life and walked the walk.  He went to all the meetings and held various offices within the Lodges that he was a member of.  When he died, he was a 33rd degree Mason in the Scottish Rites.

My reason for writing this piece is because I see myself in the shadow of my Uncle.  I would like to think that he would be proud of me and because of that, I feel the need to carry on the family tradition to wear the regalia of a Mason.

The other reason I write this is because my lodge gave me the distinct Honor to appoint me to my first seat as an Officer of the Lodge.  I am now the Senior Steward for my lodge and while some may think this something trivial, I see this as the first step in what I hope to be a life’s work in Masonry.  Someone once told me that you get out of Masonry what you put into it.  I feel that I am going to get a lifetime of enjoyment and pride from my service in Masonry.

As always… thank you for your time.

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    • Thanks… I followed your link. You have a very nice lodge. Ours is the Bakersfield Masonic Temple on 1920 18th Street here in Bakersfield, Ca.

      If you ever find yourself in Bakersfield, Come see us.


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