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Attitude towards Illegal Immigration.

Recently I did a little impromptu poll on my Facebook page, asking if they felt that the immigration system, as it is right now, is broken and what they would do to fix it, if the choice was theirs to make.

To say I was disappointed with the number of people that responded is an understatement.  Of the two that did respond, one response was very good, the other was, more or less, dismissive.

While this poll was, by no means, a comprehensive scientific study, it was enough to tell me that either people do not want to show their hand on this topic for fear of alienating themselves or others, or just really do not care enough to chime in.

There also appeared to me through this another group of people.  One of the responses was a person who replied with

“out of my league….i don’t bother myself with that stuff…que sera sera……”

This could not be further from the truth.  If you are a tax paying US citizen, then none of this is out of your league and you should never adopt the “whatever” attitude regarding this.  Every single US citizen should be angry as hell that this is going on.  That our boarders, US/Mexico as well as the others, are so porous that people can go back and forth the way they do.

The other response I got was:

“The U.S. Immigration system is no longer the most efficient venue for entering the country as it once was. The burden of dealing with hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing our borders on any given day, has out numbered our border agents, …stretched our resources in capturing and deporting these individuals and has suck our social services system dry.

My solution may be harsh, but effective. Build a 20 foot wall at the border, with another fence approximately 50 feet from the wall wrapped with barbed wire. If somehow they manage to survive this, they become subjects of national security and will be shot.”

While there is part of me that does agree with this, I can also see the downside to it as well.  I think that I would take this idea and instead of shooting them with bullets, I will tranquilize them and then put them into a massive holder center on the border, within this “No Man’s Land” that would be created.   Process them, mark them and then send them back to Mexico.  The mark would be simply to let us know they are repeat offenders.

I understand that there are many people that make the effort to come to America to have better lives, but there is a right way and wrong way to do so.  In spite of those US citizens who seem to think it is perfectly acceptable for foreign citizens to wander into the US illegally, with no right to be here, there is nothing right, acceptable or healthy about it.  All of this is discussed in my previous two articles on this topic.

Lastly, and what I think is the most silly, is the argument people keep throwing out about how those that are living in the United States now are, actually, illegal aliens.  This is by far one of the worst arguments and only makes those using it look silly.

Granted… there was a lot wrong about the colonization of the land that is now the United States.  We did a lot of bad things to the native population to gain this land.  But the point is moot for one major reason.  You name to me one country that exists today that has not in some way shape or form, been built upon the former lands of another indigenous people.  So the US is not the only people you can use that argument against, if you really want to get technical.  The global map you see today has mostly born from conflict and acquisition and not based on the original tribal lands of the native peoples.  This does not mean that any of it was right, just that it is what it is.  We have to move forward.

Now… if Mexico would like to challenge our right to this land, they can always declare war and invade.  That would make things a lot easier for the USA.  We might even get some more land in the process.

Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the Christmas day Terrorism Attempt

I just listened to Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the attempted terror attack.

Funny… without digging up the recording from George Bush and going strictly from memory, does his goal not sound similar to both George Bush’s and Bill Clinton’s resolve to flush out and hunt down the people who perpetrated both the 1993 WTC terror attack and the 9/11 terror attack?


Just sayin’.

Kick them all out!

Why did you vote in the last election?

Who did you vote for?

Are you one of those people that voted for a person because you saw that they were on television more than the other guy, or because you thought “I heard that name before, I will vote for them.”?

Do you know what you are expecting to gain when you place that vote for the person you selected?

I think that too many of you out there… and yes, I am pointing at you and us… vote as “Lazy Voters”.  We rush to the polls, sometimes at the last minute, do not really THINK about who we are going to vote for, or do think, but only in the sense that you are asking yourself, “Who was that guy that was on TV last night.” or “Who was it my Union foreman told me I was voting for?”

Face it… we, all of us, have gotten ourselves into a little bind.  We have politicians that, for the most part, are idiots.

With rare exception anymore, they are acting in their own best interest, not in the interest of those that elected them.  They spend so much time planning on how they are going to win their next election, or how to get that book deal, or who they are going to try to pin their next failure on, that they are not actually doing their jobs.  The ones we elected them and are paying them to do.


If these last election years have proven anything, it is that we need to become SMARTER voters.  We cannot vote with passion, pride, ignorance or prejudice any more.  That is the thing that put our current band of idiots in office.  Yes… that includes the biggest of them all… Citizen Obama.  You see… people voted for him NOT because of his successful history as a leader.  Not because of the long list of economic contributions that he has made to this country.  Not because of his ironclad grasp on foreign affairs and policy.  They voted for him because they got caught up in the hype.

People saw him as this prophet for change.  As some knight in shining armor that was going to come riding in and save the day.  But the problem is that one he was in, that “DAY” kept getting pushed further and further back.  People voted for a Black man… not a politician… a poor one at that.  They voted for what they THOUGHT was an ideal and a bunch of pretty promises and not for the facts.

I was almost part of that wave… until I read his books.  In his own words I learned where he was going and what he wanted long before he committed to running for office.  “Audacity of Hope” actually tells the tail pretty well, if you take the time to read and really pay attention to what he is telling you.

So this is my point.  You need to learn about who and what you are voting for, before you actually go into that polling station.  If you are not intimately familiar with the item or person you are voting for, then stay out of the booth.  If you are rushing to get your vote in and you have not had time to read or learn about what you are going to vote for… just forget it and go home.

If you are not an informed voter, then you just need to not vote.  I do not want your vote and neither does the rest of the country.  Voting without understanding is silly.  Do not listen to the commercials or radio spots for politicians… or listen, but under stand that all you are hearing is them telling you what you want to hear.  They are playing into your weakness as a human.  We all want to hear good news, we are all susceptible to being led or encouraged to follow a certain path.  Television commercials and radio spots will use audio and video stimuli to coax you into voting for the person that it paying for it… many times playing on your gullibility.

So my message here is not a hard one to figure out.  Take the time and read about the item or person that you are voting for.  Learn what the heck will happen if you vote one way or another.

If voting for a person, PLEASE take the time to look at the background of that person.  If they held previous offices, look at their voting record.  If more people had done that a little over a year ago, we might not have Citizen Obama in officer right now.  If you are voting for anything other than a person, then look at the text carefully.  Most places will give you a “Pros and Cons” section where they will tell you what will happen if the item is passed or fails.

You see…  it all boils down to one important fact.  Elected officials work for us.  WE are their employers.  WE pay their salaries.  WE have the power to hire and, YES, fire them.  These are things that I think we are forgetting and if we do not wake up and start using these powers as their employers, then one day… maybe not that long from now, we might lose them.

If you want to learn more, you need to visit this site.

Ask always… I thank you for your time.

Let’s Play… USA!

There are probably not too many of you out there that will get the title of this post.  You have to have a strange taste in music like I do and have listened to those odd groups from the 80’s.

There was an artist by the name of Peter Schilling, a German singer, who’s only real popular hit in America was a song titled “Major Tom” of the album “Error in the System“.

The song, “Let’s Play, USA” was a commentary on how he saw American life.  In this song, there is a courus that keeps repeating:

Let’s play USA
Let’s play USA

How I love the life I lead
Cannot think and cannot read
Watch our values slip away
Play the game of USA

While Peter may have thought poorly of the government at the time, this statement is more true not than it ever was in the 1980’s.

Looking at the way the country is going… the direction that it is heading, there is no doubt in my mind that today, there is an error in the system here.  When the government shells out billions upon billions of dollars to companies like AIG, who then pay their executives bonus’ to the tune of $165mil, then there is a problem.  While it looks as though much of this money might be given back, it is still money that should not have been given to AIG to begin with.

Personally I would be interested in seeing if there are grounds for a Class Action case like “The American Tax-Payers vs. AIG”.  Granted, we would not get a lot of money, if any, but it would be on PRINCIPAL.

History show us that simply throwing money at a problem does not fix it.  Likewise, simply throwing money, as this new administration seems intent on doing, at the financial issues presently plaguing America is not going to help, not when in order to do so you are taking the money out in the form of a mortgage against the future of the nation.

I am not a financial expert… but I do understand on how to, and not to, stay solvent.  If I keep borrowing money to pay my bills, there will come a time that the interest and payments on the money I am borrowing will exceed that which I am able to pay back.  That is called Bankruptcy.  That is where we are heading if our administration is allowed to keep sending out these so called “Stimulus Packages.”

Thanks for your time.

Rick Santelli is my hero…

Yesterday I heard something great.  Something that is what so many of us wanted to say since Chairman / Citizen Obama bought the whitehouse.

Rick Santelli, of whom I have only heard bits and pieces about over the last couple years, launched into a tirade on national television.  His topic was nothing more than what every NORMAL US citizen is thinking about right now regarding this housing fiasco and CBO’s Gang’s decision to bail out all the people that may end up losing their homes, who should have never been able to buy homes in the first place.

For those of you who were not lucky enough to see this speech of his, I am including a link HERE.  You have ABSO-FRICKEN-LUTELY got to watch this.

Rick is my new favorite celeb!

We need more people out there to stir the pot like this guy is doing.  More people need to start getting passionate about what is happening in this country and helping to stop this administation from “Sharing the Wealth.”

Obama and the military

If there was ever any question about where our new President stands on the military, consider it answered as of 21 Jan (I am writing this on the morning of 22 Jan.)

Opting to make appearances at all the balls that had the big names in attendance, where the stars and celebs were going to be, he made it perfectly clear that his best intentions where not to the true Heroes of America, but to the Heroes of his pocket book and the people that he has prostituted himself to for the last two years.

Citizen Obama chose to not attend a ceremony that has been part of the presidential inaugural tour since Dwight Eisenhower.  A Ball that honored the recipients of the Medal of Honor.  This is not just a medal, this is given to those that have done something extraordinary in the service of the country and, in some cases, gave all for the country.  This is a ceremony, by which attending, the president pays his respect and honors all those who have earned the right to wear it.

Citizen Obama chose, instead, to shun all those Heroes and visit those that HE probably considers heroes.  Those would be the people that added the most to his campaign fund and helped him get to where he is.  He does not seem to have any respect to those who have given as much as their lives in the name of his right to become President.

Maybe I am expecting too much.  But if this is any sign of what we can expect from Obama, then this presidency is off to a poor start.  It will be interesting to see exactly how many other traditions that he scorns, shuns or otherwise ignores.

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