Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the Christmas day Terrorism Attempt

I just listened to Mr. Obama’s statement regarding the attempted terror attack. Funny… without digging up the recording from George Bush and going strictly from memory, does his goal not sound similar to both George Bush’s and Bill Clinton’s resolve to flush out and hunt down the people who perpetrated both the 1993 WTC terror … Read more

Kick them all out!

Why did you vote in the last election? Who did you vote for? Are you one of those people that voted for a person because you saw that they were on television more than the other guy, or because you thought “I heard that name before, I will vote for them.”? Do you know what … Read more

Rick Santelli is my hero…

Yesterday I heard something great.  Something that is what so many of us wanted to say since Chairman / Citizen Obama bought the whitehouse. Rick Santelli, of whom I have only heard bits and pieces about over the last couple years, launched into a tirade on national television.  His topic was nothing more than what … Read more

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