Rick Santelli is my hero…

Yesterday I heard something great.  Something that is what so many of us wanted to say since Chairman / Citizen Obama bought the whitehouse.

Rick Santelli, of whom I have only heard bits and pieces about over the last couple years, launched into a tirade on national television.  His topic was nothing more than what every NORMAL US citizen is thinking about right now regarding this housing fiasco and CBO’s Gang’s decision to bail out all the people that may end up losing their homes, who should have never been able to buy homes in the first place.

For those of you who were not lucky enough to see this speech of his, I am including a link HERE.  You have ABSO-FRICKEN-LUTELY got to watch this.

Rick is my new favorite celeb!

We need more people out there to stir the pot like this guy is doing.  More people need to start getting passionate about what is happening in this country and helping to stop this administation from “Sharing the Wealth.”

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4 thoughts on “Rick Santelli is my hero…”

  1. I saw Rick's "tirade" in when it happened. I concur, he's my new hero too!! I totally agree, why should we, the tax payers, have to subsidize the idiots that were to stupid to manage their finances in a judicious manner by bailing their a** out?. Welcome to the "Socialist States of America" folks …… I knew it would happen!!

  2. I firmly believe that if more people would take a stand like that, we might see more action again this administration. Something else that amazes me is that you will notice how silent the two CBO supporters that have been on this site have been very silent. This is not just something I am noticing on my site… two other sites that I visit, the CBO supporters there are also, mysteriously, silent.

    Could it be that even more and more of them are seeing the bloom fall off the rose?

    Now there are stirrings of his ill intentions with the 2nd and 10th amendments, not to mention the "Fairness" Doctrine (AKA The Censorship Doctrine) that has the potential of not only shutting down conservative talk radio, but people like me as well.

    The only people that stand to benefit from this administration are the people that are in power because it will expand the power they have over the people by creating a whole new class that is solely dependent on the government to answer their needs. Why is it that people like ANG, whom is strangely silent these days, does not see what is happening?

  3. Bush's favorite statistic to quote in his economic speeches was the huge increase in home ownership under his administration. Let's blame the Bushies' deregulation that got us into this mess, not the people who are actually attempting to correct the situation without causing an economic collapse.

  4. The economy will correct itself. Paying off the loans of people who were not eligible to buy a house in the first place is not correcting a problem, it is making it potentially worse. The reason many of these people fell behind on their payments was because they were given a loan that they did not qualify for and did not understand.

    See… when I was in school, they taught math, and you actually had to learn things like what interest was. So that when I bought my house, I understood what I was paying and how much I would be paying. I am sorry, it may sound cruel, but ignorance is not an excuse here.

    If this money is set aside for people that cannot pay their mortgages, then what is going to happen? Is the federal goverment now going to get into the business of property management? If a person was not able to keep up their payments BEFORE, how do you figure that they will do it after they are caught up? They are still making the same amount they did before.

    As for blaming the "Bushies", as you call them. How do you figure? Last time I checked, the presidential power was not absolute. There is plenty of blame to go around, and Bush was not able to get anything pushed into law on his own… others had to agree.

    People have got to STOP running to the government every time they have a problem. This addiction to government support is killing us. We GROW through our failures more than our success'. They are what makes us strong. If we go to the government for a "bailout" each time we screw up, and are given one… what have we learned.

    Let the people lose their houses, if they cannot afford them. My wife and I had a close call with our house several years ago, but we tightened the belt, I got a second job, and we made it work… no bailout, no government support. How hard is that?


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