Obama and the military

If there was ever any question about where our new President stands on the military, consider it answered as of 21 Jan (I am writing this on the morning of 22 Jan.)

Opting to make appearances at all the balls that had the big names in attendance, where the stars and celebs were going to be, he made it perfectly clear that his best intentions where not to the true Heroes of America, but to the Heroes of his pocket book and the people that he has prostituted himself to for the last two years.

Citizen Obama chose to not attend a ceremony that has been part of the presidential inaugural tour since Dwight Eisenhower.  A Ball that honored the recipients of the Medal of Honor.  This is not just a medal, this is given to those that have done something extraordinary in the service of the country and, in some cases, gave all for the country.  This is a ceremony, by which attending, the president pays his respect and honors all those who have earned the right to wear it.

Citizen Obama chose, instead, to shun all those Heroes and visit those that HE probably considers heroes.  Those would be the people that added the most to his campaign fund and helped him get to where he is.  He does not seem to have any respect to those who have given as much as their lives in the name of his right to become President.

Maybe I am expecting too much.  But if this is any sign of what we can expect from Obama, then this presidency is off to a poor start.  It will be interesting to see exactly how many other traditions that he scorns, shuns or otherwise ignores.

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