Discovering God

I have never particularly cared for the term “I found God”;  It always seemed, among other things, so cliche.  There are also times that people use it as if they are looking for a way to try and convince others that they have, through some divine or mythical process, transcended the evil that they had … Read more

How is religion helping us?

Religion. I look around, especially these days, and I have to ask… How is religion helping us? Yes… I know that there are just as many ideas about the Historic, Geopolitical and ideological notions about religion as there are people that follow the many different flavors that are out there. But the question stands… How … Read more

Is it Christian?

This is a article I originally posted on my yahoo account, but felt I needed to place it here as well. Interesting thing happened to me a couple weeks ago, and it took me a while to generate a blog to it. I made my usual act of a gentleman and opened the door for … Read more

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