The devine language.

I consider myself to be somewhat of an amateur scientist.  By this, I mean that when I look at the world around me, it is with a sense of wonder, but also with a urge to figure out WHY things are the way they are.  It is not enough to merely accept that nature created something, there has to be a way that it was created.

I also believe in a supreme being.  What ever name you have for it, I think that it is out there, somewhere.  This is not to say that I think that he or she is watching our every move, judging our every thought, action or word, deciding what should happen to us in some afterlife.  In fact, I do not believe in an afterlife other than the fact that when we die, the matter and energy that makes you and I up, along with all other living creatures, will be returned and reused by the universe, and through that, our lives have, in their passing, helped to give life to others.

In my pondering of a G-d, I often wonder what it would be like to meet such an entity, and in these thoughts, it occurs to me that there is really only one language that a truly supreme being could speak that would be recognized throughout the universe.  The language of mathematics.

When you look at the universe, all the way out to the furthest star on the edge of the known universe, to the inner universe and the smallest pieces of the atoms that make you, me and the ground we walk upon… it can all be explained, at least in part, with mathematics.  There is, or will be, some equation that will explain in whole or in part, why things work.

So… at least in my way of thinking, the only logical language for G-d to speak, would be in a language based primarily on mathematics.  When you look at the combination of the apparent simplicity of the universe which hides the complexities of it’s substructure, it implies the work of an artist that not only wanted to show the potential beauty of all things, but then, for those that need to see more, like the scientists and dreamers, there is the superstructure of the universe.  The underlying details that make up everything that we are and everything we know.

I know that there are those out there that are going to be upset with my take on this, but remember…  Religion, Spirituality and Faith are all three very personal and unique things to each person.  Two people may say they are Jews or Catholics, but they may not have exactly the same concept of what G-d or heaven is.

Our personal relationship with G-d, the Universe and everything is our own.  Personally, if I had to put a face to G-d… it would have to be something like Albert Einstein or Johannes Kepler.

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