Is America watching?

There is no denying that the elections in Iran and the controversy surrounding them have the attention of the world focused on that country.  We may be witnessing a monumental moment in the development of the middle east, depending on the results of the riots and the upheaval. To say that rigging the vote is … Read more

Who is to blame???

No matter who you listen to or what you read, it is painfully obvious that the nation and the state of California are experiencing financial difficulties.  There does not seem to be any disparity between the various news agencies about this.  For once they are almost all in agreement about it. What bothers me, however, … Read more

What is Conservative? What is Liberal? What does it matter?

The other day a co-worker found out that I listen to Sean Hannity during the day while I am at work.  His first response was;  “You’re listening to Hannity all the time now, so now you’re not even going to pretend you’re an Independent anymore?” First off, this is not the first time someone has … Read more

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