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Chasing life, or running from death?

Disclaimer: The following is meant as a motivational and philosophical outlook.  If you interpret it as anything else, then this is your own doing.

In our pursuit to live fuller lives by taking chances and living to the “extreme”, I thought about what people do and how they do it in order to get more from their lives. It dawned on my through this that, maybe, instead of actually chasing or racing with life, they might actually be using that as a way to show that they are running from death.

I see shows and read stories about people that are contantly looking for ways to do “Death Defying” feats and acts.  Pushing the limits and challenging fate all the way.  Some of it looks fun, like sky diving and hang gliding, other things just look flat out stupid… like jumping twenty cars on a motorcycle or other silly acts that are nothing more than an attempt to see how close you can get to death without making the full introduction.

A majority of us do not really WANT to die and we dismiss it as so much forgotten future history that we would rather not deal with until the time comes, oblivious to the fact that we never really know when it will visit us.

Then there are those like myself, who accept death as a part of my life. I know it will visit one day, hopefully later than sooner and I respect it. As Billy Jack said in the movie The Trial of Billy Jack, “…only when Death is our constant companion can we truly live.”  This does not mean that I am wanting or inviting death, just that I know it is there.  You can either learn to accept it, or run and hide from it, in which case you live a closed and shallow life, always worried about what lies around the next corner.

Looking at my life, I am not sure which of the two I have been doing, running or chasing.  It seems like maybe a little of both.  In the end, I guess the important thing is that I am enjoying life and harming no one in the process.  If a person can go through life and accomplish this, then that is a life truly lived well.  It does not matter how much you accomplish, what mountains you have climbed, the goals you have achieved.  Only that you have lived a good life, loved much and in the end, left on good terms with yourself and those you left behind.

In the spirit of the philosophy of Billy Jack and Carlos Castenada, I leave you with this thought.  We all walk the same paths but on on separate journeys.  Until we learn that death is important to us as life and can walk along side it as a friend, then we will never truly live free, we will only exist and survive.

Who’s party are you going to?

So… what party are you a party to?

At one time I was a Republican, but in January of this year, I left them.  Well, I should not say that I left them, I will just say that they stopped being who I believed it.  That is not to say that I have become a Democrat… no, that would be even worse, in my opinion.  At this point that would be like saying it is easier to drive a nail through my head with a ball ping hammer than with a carpenters hammer.

I am part of the American Independent party these days.  I am not doing this to make anyone mad, as I doubt too many people will notice in the first place.  I am doing it because I see it as my own way to show how I feel about how my, formerly, party is not the same party I joined so many years ago.  I am doing it on principle alone.

I do not think it is just the parties, but I think that politics as a whole is different now.  People do not seem interested in getting things done, just trying to figure out what will get them the most for themselves in the shortest period of time.

It is unfortunate that politicians are not held to the same requirements that you and I are, when it comes to work.  Think about it… if you show up and accomplish nothing, then you get warned a couple times and if there is no improvement, you get fired.  When a politico gets in office, they really do not have to show that they are accomplishing anything.  They only have to worry about not getting elected the next go-around.

Since you really cannot “fire” most politicians (Gray Davis being one of the few RARE examples of when people get together and DO something like that.) Why not hit them in the pocket book?  Fine them a percentage of their income (not salary) for every year that goes by that they do not fulfill at least three quarters of their stated goals and they would have to have a set of goals to accomplish for their term.

I am ot talking about simple goals either.  Nothing like, “Do not accidently bomb Chinese embassy”, “Do not call French President a pansy… to his face.” or “Do not get caught getting a hummer in the oval office.”  I am talking real, tangible goals.  Things like “Make real effort to get the budget on track.” would be a nice start.

And if a president completes his term and accomplishes nothing?  Why not a nice “Breach of Contract” suit?

I know that what I am saying is considered humor and that is part of my goal, but I think that there is something there that might not be a bad idea.  If you get a job, certain things are expected of you.  If you do not live up to the expectations of the people that hired you, then you will probably lose your job.  Granted, you will be given ample time to try and change, in most cases, but you will be given a chance and it is yours to lose.

Why cannot the higher offices of this country be held to the same standard as we are?  I mean this is suppose to be a government “… of the people, by the people and for the people…” so doesn’t that mean that the politicos have their jobs at our will and convenience?  If they are not  fulfilling the goals they promised us, Isn’t it time we started exercising that right of ours?

Hey buddy, can you spare some gas?

I told myself that I was not going to do this. That I would not get caught up in the whole “Gas Controversy” that seems to be the talking point of everyone with access to the internet, TV station or radio station. There are so many people out there going on about it, and what good does it do?

So I figure since everything that everyone else is saying is falling on deaf ears, then why not add my own voice to the collective vacuum.

First off… is it really necessary to pay $122 a barrel for oil? (this was the price at the time I am writing this, and I usually schedule my articles out a few days.) And should I really be paying $4.00+ a gallon for gas?

When you look at the amount of oil and natural gas that has yet to be tapped in the US alone, it really begs the question, WHY are we not going after it with a passion?

Yes… I do understand that we are working towards the goal of lowering emissions and producing cars that can go further and further on a single tank of gas. I think this is a noble goal, and I am not suggesting that we no strive for it. But this is not going to happen overnight. There is no Genie sitting around waiting for us to rub his lamp and *poof*, everything is green, electric and zero emission.

Granted, Al Gore and that con job called the “Carbon Credit” would like us to think that he is the Genie, but in reality, as I see it, this is nothing more than another way for people to excuse themselves for continuing to pollute and for someone else to get rich in the process… any guess’ who that would be?

I am not saying that this is unique to the Dems. I am not attacking them alone, especially when you can see that the current administration has it’s own people that stand to gain by the increasing prices of oil and gas. So they really have no incentive to do much more than stand around, beat their chests and scream rhetoric like a pack of impotent, rabid baboons with something to prove.

If there were anyone in power that really cared about making us “oil independent”, then they would fight hard, harder than they are now, to push through the permissions to drill for oil and natural gas in ANWAR and in the mid midwest, where there is enough oil and natural gas to last us a good long time. While we are using that, THEN we can continue to find ways to make better and more efficient cars, planes, boats, etc…

Again, we are not going to see a 100mpg car roll off the lots overnight. It will take some time, and if you look at the steps we have taken in the last few years alone, you can agree that we are on the right path. In the mean time, we still need gas, and jacking the price up to record highs is not going to do anything except increase the sales of bikes, motorcycles and skateboards.

One last thing that I do not think that the government is taking into consideration. With all the people that will stop driving because of the gas prices, there may be a record number of people walking and biking… this, in turn, may lead to a healthier group of people who might need less health care. So you politicos that are reading this, think of what that might do to hurt your Universal Health Care… not as many people would need it if you let us get more physically fit.

This has been my rant… take from it what you will, leave your comments if you want. I will not argue with you, so if you come here seeking a fight… sorry.

Have we nothing better to worry about?

This question comes as I stumbled upon the following video:

Have we really gotten to a point where someone like this is not allowed to get up, and speak his mind, whether it be in ernst or jest, without being taken to task by the media as being a racist or hate monger?

His message was stated with a sense of jest and humor. There was nothing negative about it. It was a speech that, if given twenty or thirty years ago, would have had no negative feedback for anyone involved. But we have become so worried about what others think, and not wanting to offend anyone about anything, that we feel obligated to place him on some shelf as a bad guy.

What makes this worse is how the media, in their usual idiotic way, only shows enough of the clips from the actual speech, to make it appear that he was being hurtful to others. As I have said before, the media is nothing more than a vulture culture that lives to feast off only the refuse of what should be real news. What they did to Brandon is a prime example of that. While it is of poor quality, I have included a video of that as well.

There is nothing wrong with making fun of the things that divide us. There is nothing wrong with demonstrating that you have a sense of humor. Personally I think that is something that all too many of us are missing these days, and the world would be so much better if we did not hide our jest from one
another, and Brandon Rosario was demonstrating just that.

Looking at this from another point of view, we are sending a message that expressing yourself openly and honestly is not something that we want our youth to do. We are teaching them that you have to censor everything you say and do to not offend anyone. Doing this is almost impossible without making your speeches so open ended and bland, that they lose any real substance.

Back to Brandon, though. I hope that he stays who he is and does not change because a few people might have been offended but some of what he said. We really have to learn to laugh at ourselves and others. I honestly believe that the only thing that is going to save our world is if we all learn to have a sense of humor again and start using it.

There is nothing more cleansing to the soul than a really good, gut wrenching, laugh. Preferably one that brings you to tears.

Brandon Rosario… keep up the good work.

Credits for the attached videos go to “Moohu” on you tube, for the news clip, and the coverage of the actual speech by Brandon Rosario.

Do they have the right to their own defense?

I have gone back over this idea more times than I like.  It is a hard topic for me because this is so personal for us all.  It involves the detainees at Guantanamo and what rights they should and should not have.

Because this is such a touchy subject, I am going to write this in two part… The first part I am going to use to gauge the attitudes of people, then I will express my opinion on the topic.

The issue is this:

Do the detainees have the right to know the charges that are filed against them, and should be be allowed to provide a defense for themselves?  If you need a different way to see it, imagine if it were you in their place, say as someone who was assumed guilty by association.  Would you not want the option of contesting the charges that are brought against you?

I am in no way defending those that are responsible for acts of terrorism, but I am questioning the practice of holding a person in custody with no formal charges filed against them and, in some case, without their knowing the exact reason of their detention.

Please express how you feel about it and feel  free to take as much writing space as you need.


An Excercize in “What if”.

This is a little newer that what I usually do, but I would like your opinions or reflections on a couple topics… Just to feel out the few readers that I have.

1.  What if JFK had survived?  There was an excellent book written by George Bernau that reflected on this.  He changed the names, but you get the idea.  But how do you think the world would have changed or been the same had Kennedy not been killed?  Take that out as far as you want… I am interested in what you think.  I will not post my writings on it for a while.

2.  Same question as above, but regarding Martin Luther King.  Do you think that the civil rights movement would have gone differently if he had lived?  Again, tell me what you think and why.  Does not matter if you want to take the Radical Black, Liberal White, Confused Hippie or KKK point of view, or whatever your particular POV is.

3. Why was the Peace movement either a success or a failure, in your opinion?

Thanks… I will be interested in your opinions.  Both from those of you who lived in the time, and those of you who studied about it.

The Political Quagmire

Is it me, or have our choices for political office, all of them, been gradually getting worse over the years? When did it become the norm to vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils” instead of the person that held the best platform, and carried the best message?

There are only two of the current candidates that I am really interested in, but I am not going to mention them here, only because I refuse to give them any free advertising.  Should there be the unlikely event that one of them call me and ask if I would run a spread on them, then I will be happy to do so… for a fee.  But I will make no promises about what I would write.

Anyway…  Politics is like a really bad sitcom these days.  A combination of “Everyone loves Raymond”, with a dash of “The Apprentice” and just a little bit of “Jerry Springer” thrown in for good measure.  I cannot look at any of them without thinking that they are just telling us what we want to hear and truncating the rest into silent whispers in back rooms.

No… I have decided who I will vote for, and I will do so if that person is nominated.  But I will do it only because they are the best of the one that are offered, and the offerings are might lean these days.

Seriously… I wish John Stewart would run.  At least then the race would be interesting.

A wound that should not heal…

Five years…

Like all deep wounds, this is one that will hurt for the remainder of our lives. But I think that while a certain amount of healing should be allowed, there is also a certain amount that should not.

When something like 9/11 happens, it is important that we not only do not forget the event, but we also need to remeber the pain. There are some that will never be able to forget the pain, because of the people that the lost in the various events of that day, but there are many more of us that will push the pain aside, or convince ourselves that it did not happen to us, and distance ourselves from it in a disconnected way.

Even if you did not lose a loved one in the towers, or the planes, you should still feel the pain of loss just as much as those that did. You should still feel the pain, or the pang of tears when they list the names of those lost, or who gave everything for those that they were trying to save.

We are all brothers and sisters in this Nation. Perhaps this comment sounds a little to wishy washy, or idealistic… but it is true.

As I sit here and listen to the names being recited at the site of the towers, I feel a dull ache in my chest and stomach when I think of the magnitude of the loss. All those children that will never see their parents, and folks that will never see their spouses again. The pain is that which I know will never go away… but when you think of the scope of the events of 9/11, then maybe that pain should NOT ever go away.

We are shaped, as a people, by the events in our lives. Both the good and the bad sculpt us into what we are and what we will be. We need to make sure that the lives that were lost, were not lost in vain. We need to remember that this is a learning experience and make ourselve and our world a better place. Sometimes this requires force of arms, and other times this requires a compasionate should to rest the heads of the wounded on… what will define us is when we know how and when to offer one or the other.

Blessings to you all… and the hopes for a brighter future.

What is the problem?

WARNING… This article is fueled by anger… Please read with this in mind.

I am an American.

Our system is not perfect, and some of our politicians could be replaced by trained monkeys (or are already) but I love this country none-the-less.

As you may have notice through reading some of my other entries, my opinion of immigration is not a problem. I am, as I have said many times before, Pro-Legal Immigration, but all the recent hype and the “Walk-out” planned for today has me angry in ways that I just cannot put into words without severe editing.

How is it that people think that they have the right to sneak into a country, work “off the books” and in some cases not contribute to the country’s wellbeing? What makes this worse is that some of the supporters of these illegal immigrants are people that made it to the country legally… ones that worked to get into the country through the proper channels. I am truely mystified as to where their logic comes from.

Why is it that people in Mexico are complaining about us wanting to close our borders, and threatening to boycot American owned business’ in Mexico because we want to? And it seems that they are not even getting that right. Some of the business’ that they are boycotting are actually Mexican owned.

Personally, if I owned a business, and I had an employee Walk out for this joke of a protest, then I would be hppy to let that person go… as long as they took all their personal belonging with them… because they would have no job to come back to. I hope that employers take that step, because this should not be tolerated at all.

Now, to explain, I feel the same way about it if the situation was different. If this was a day of protest for any group, and people walked off their job, then they should still get the axe. Fire them, on the spot. Not because they are protesting, but because of what they are doing… it’s called Job Abandonment, and it is not only wrong, but it is unfair to the other employees that are not protesting and to the people to which your company provides a service.

Why do I feel this way? Because I am an American. I believe that as an American, you are willing to put the needs of the country above the needs of yourself. I believe that we are all part of a whole, not senveral million individual parts working for our own goal. I am willing to lay down my life to protect this country, and have volunteered to do so once already. I feel that any act that promotes illegal entry into this country is an act that will potentially support Terrorism.

So my question to you who enter this country illegally is this: What have you done for America lately?

In reality, all of us, as citizens, should keep in mind that we are not only acting for ourselves. We are truely part of a global community, and our actions are being watched. Not only by those outside the USA, but by those closer to home… our neighbors and our children. If we continue to live our lives for ourselves alone, then we truely are seeing the end of a great nation, and SHOULD just let the Mexicans, and anyone else, cross the border.

The illegal immigration is not just about the people that come into the country, either. It is also about what they do to get here. These people are a walking environmental disaster. In the process of crossing the border, they are leaving tons of garbage at various points along the border. Please visit the Desert Invasion web site to see pictures and video of this problem… my question after seeing this was Where are all the crybaby environmentalists? and why are they not also getting their backs up about this. These illegals are trashing National Parks and public lands, not to mention the private land on the borders that they are trashing.

So, in closing, not only is illegal immigration becoming a political and economic issue, it is also an ecologic issue.

This saddens me and makes me angry. No one should stand by and LET this happen and still consider themselves proud to be an American. The people who stand by and let this happen without trying to do something are no better than the people helping the illegals into the country. Yes… INACTION is wrong, this is not “Someone else’s problem.” In addition, the people on the borders that are assisting the illegals cross the border should also be rounded up and sent down to Mexico.

The US Border Patrol cannot do it alone, so I encourage you to help. You can start by contacting the Minuteman Project… they can show you what you can do to help.

Thanks for reading this, and I apologize for and grammar or spelling errors.

An alternative to Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrants are a hot topic right now. Several states are affected by them, and they show no sign of stopping, but I think that we are going about the process all wrong, and here is why.

Right now the US policy regarding illegals is to round them up and ship them back to Mexico. Many times the people that send in the anonymous tip that illegals are in country and working the fields are the very people that brought them here or hired them to begin with, in many cases this happens right before they are paid for the work they do, so that all the farmer is out is the occasional fine they must pay for using illegals for the work, which is less that what they would have paid them to begin with.

There is another option.

Look at the jobs that they take when they are here, these are typically jobs that a majority of us, as US citizens, will not take, even in desperation. I have, personally, known several people that would take unemployment or nothing over working the fields. Understanding that, why is it such a bad idea to allow people to work the fields that do not have a problem doing it? Yes, they are not in the US legally, and they do not pay taxes, but this is not something that they have a lot of control over, and some of them would really like to be Americans, but are not able to do so through proper channels.

The US, and California especially, need to create a program where we will import a certain number of migrant workers from Mexico to do these jobs. The program I would suggest would be a Civilian Group, not a government organization, but it would be supervised by the government to insure that it was not abused. Any farms, packing companies or growers groups would pay a set amount into a fund that is administered by this civil group, the amount they pay into it would be based on the total number of hands they need for that season. The workers would be paid a fair rate from that fund, and all moneys they earn would be placed in bank accounts in their names, from that a small amount would be taken for taxes (significantly less than what a citizen pays), and insurance. The insurance would be for health and liability needs… should a worker get sick, he would not have to rely on the welfare system to pay for medical treatment.

At the end of the contract with the job, the migrant worker would be put back in the pool, if after two weeks, no new jobs come up, they will be sent back to Mexico, they can leave any money they saved in their bank account or take it back with them. After five years of being part of this program, and demonstrating that they are reliable and good workers, they will, if they “opted in”, automatically be placed on the waiting list for citizenship, and if they pass the required tests, they will be granted citizenship. The tests will include a required understanding of English, US History and a US Laws (meaning what is and is not legal.)

If the worker does not want to become a citizen, then they may stay in the worker program for as long as they like, they will still get their pay and be able to maintain their bank account for as long as they wish.

I see this as a very good idea, and if a politician happens to read this and want to use the idea, then I will not complain, I will not even ask for any credit, you may freely claim it as your own. Not only will this save us money in welfare expenses, it will also ease, albeit only a little, the border problems and make it so that the farmers do not have to play games to get their fields planted or harvested.

These were just some ideas, and I welcome comments.

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