Who’s party are you going to?

So… what party are you a party to?

At one time I was a Republican, but in January of this year, I left them.  Well, I should not say that I left them, I will just say that they stopped being who I believed it.  That is not to say that I have become a Democrat… no, that would be even worse, in my opinion.  At this point that would be like saying it is easier to drive a nail through my head with a ball ping hammer than with a carpenters hammer.

I am part of the American Independent party these days.  I am not doing this to make anyone mad, as I doubt too many people will notice in the first place.  I am doing it because I see it as my own way to show how I feel about how my, formerly, party is not the same party I joined so many years ago.  I am doing it on principle alone.

I do not think it is just the parties, but I think that politics as a whole is different now.  People do not seem interested in getting things done, just trying to figure out what will get them the most for themselves in the shortest period of time.

It is unfortunate that politicians are not held to the same requirements that you and I are, when it comes to work.  Think about it… if you show up and accomplish nothing, then you get warned a couple times and if there is no improvement, you get fired.  When a politico gets in office, they really do not have to show that they are accomplishing anything.  They only have to worry about not getting elected the next go-around.

Since you really cannot “fire” most politicians (Gray Davis being one of the few RARE examples of when people get together and DO something like that.) Why not hit them in the pocket book?  Fine them a percentage of their income (not salary) for every year that goes by that they do not fulfill at least three quarters of their stated goals and they would have to have a set of goals to accomplish for their term.

I am ot talking about simple goals either.  Nothing like, “Do not accidently bomb Chinese embassy”, “Do not call French President a pansy… to his face.” or “Do not get caught getting a hummer in the oval office.”  I am talking real, tangible goals.  Things like “Make real effort to get the budget on track.” would be a nice start.

And if a president completes his term and accomplishes nothing?  Why not a nice “Breach of Contract” suit?

I know that what I am saying is considered humor and that is part of my goal, but I think that there is something there that might not be a bad idea.  If you get a job, certain things are expected of you.  If you do not live up to the expectations of the people that hired you, then you will probably lose your job.  Granted, you will be given ample time to try and change, in most cases, but you will be given a chance and it is yours to lose.

Why cannot the higher offices of this country be held to the same standard as we are?  I mean this is suppose to be a government “… of the people, by the people and for the people…” so doesn’t that mean that the politicos have their jobs at our will and convenience?  If they are not  fulfilling the goals they promised us, Isn’t it time we started exercising that right of ours?

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  1. Well, its not like they don’t try. It would be nice to hold them to the same standard as if they were one of us doing our job at work, but isn’t that an unfair comparison. No politician can get any substantial bill through congress without bipartisan support. Elected officials can only do so much. Its up to the people who put them in office to speak up and have their voices heard. If every American wrote a letter or called their elected official office, I’m sure things would get done. Its easy to whisper on the side lines and complain under your breath that our elected officials are to blame for current situation or lack of progress. Ask yourself this, what have I done this year to take a stand and make a difference on a major issue or make my voice heard to the general public.

  2. Thanks for the post, Sitting Bull and welcome.

    You do bring up a point that I did forget to touch on and that is that we ARE all to blame in a matter of speaking.

    First, to adress your comment. I am sure I am not the only one that complains about my elected officials and we are too quiet about it when they do not do what we would like them to. As for trying to make a difference and make myself heard, I belong to a group called GrassFire (www.grassfire.org), and they do a pretty good job of pointing things out that are not going right and giving you the tools to write to the correct people.

    Now… back to your comment. At one time people were taught that they need to take an active part in their government. They need to let politicians know when they are not doing what we elected them to. You see this VERY strongly during the 60s and 70s and while there were good examples of standing up to the government, there were more bad, at least that made it to the media.

    People are no longer taught that they need to get out there and let the elected officials know when they are doing something wrong. Letter writing campaigns are not always enough but they are a good start. Phone calls are a waste of time… I would suggest not even trying it since short of locking up a phone system, there is no way to truly track the number of calls for or against. Emails to are a waste… they have no physical value and can be deleted with less effort than it took to write them in the first place. Letters, preferrably hand written, are the best.

    What have I done… Your comment does not sound like a challenge, nor does it sound like an attack, so I will take it as neither. What have I done? First, you are looking at part of it… in fact, judging by your post, you spent about 15 to 20 minutes supporting what I am doing simply by commenting. Second… I write letters… granted, only about four or five a year, but I write them… Most recently was in regards to the border fence and the fact that it needs to get built and then also for the release of Ramos and Compean.

    I have never expected my effort to stand out on it’s own. I do not expect someone to read this site or my letters and say, “Samurai’s right, let’s do this!” But I use my voice the only way I can and it IS my voice. I have also vowed that I will never delete another person’s comments unless they are attacks for the sheer sake of attack. Everyone has a voice and all should be heard.

    Again, thank you for the visit, Sitting Bull… I hope you consider registering for the site. You will never hear me complain about guests!!!

  3. I started to put a disclaimer at the end of the comment to clarify that it was not a attack on you. I was speaking in general terms. It was more of rhetorical question. I was aiming more for your readers and not the author. Of course your speaking out, you have a blog..lol. I agree with your general premise, I just think personally we are equal in the blame for the lack of progress in government. We as Americans need to stand together and demand higher standards for our elected officials. Just voting isn’t enough.

  4. I think it is an education thing these days more than anything else. Where schools once taught us to challenge ourselves and the strive, more often than not they teach kids to accept what is put before them. That is all a post for another day, though.

    People today vote based on what they read in the fliers that are sent out and what they see on TV. They listen to bullet points and sound bites and make decisions on that. They do not sit down and research what the politician really stands for or why. Then they sit back and complain when the person does not live up to their expectations.

    This is my fear with both Obama and McCain. I do not feel that either of them is going to be all that great a choice of president. This is not an attack on their character, just an observation. McCain seems too angry about something and Obama is just too green… Not that Clinton would have been any better, but Obama has the double stigma of being the first black president, should he win, and being the recipient of all the stuff that follows a change of leadership during a military action.

    There are things that are going to happen in the next few years that are just not fair for anyone just taking office to have to deal with. I mean, look at the blow that Bush was dealt at the beginning of his first term and he has been fighting with it ever since.

    No… I have said this before and gotten both positive and negative feedback on it. People should not be allowed to vote until they have gotten out and seen things and experienced the world. Military or Civil service would be a great place to see it. Too often a person turns 18 and votes based on what they hear from their parents or friends and not on what they have learned themselves, firsthand.

  5. Whose party are you going to? Absolutely my answer is one that has good program and plan for the future. Whatever the party, hopefully, all would give goodness for all.


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