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June comes to a close…

Welcome to the exact middle of the year, at least by the Jullian calendar.

Is it just me, or did June DRAG by?  Well, fear not, the hump is upon us and Christmas, Hannukah and the New Year are right around the corner.

I am truly sorry to see that so many people decided not to join back up after I cleared the email list out.  I will not lie, it does bother me that so many thought so little of what I try and do here.

But this is a fresh start and you, my captive vict… er… I mean audience shall not be disappointed.

I am looking at the possibility of adding a guest writer for occasional pieces… if you are interested in writing maybe one piece a month and can write better than a 5th grade level… let me know.   I am not ready to do this yet, but ever since I had to fire my wife from the job, I have been considering opening this up to people.

Samuel Wright
Writer / Father / Listener / Philosopher
I am a starving writer living in the backwater of California, in a place known mostly for Buck Owens and Valley Fever called Bakersfield.

This site is my release. A place for me to talk about things that annoy, please, or excite me.


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  1. jazzlsnr

    I might be coerced in to penning an article now and again, if you decide on a guest writer.

  2. jazzlsnr

    oh and by the way, how dare you fire my girlfriend.

  3. jazzlsnr

    oops i guess that’s something I shouldn’t post….dang it…..

  4. Well, fine sir… I know not of what you speak. Consider yourself slapped about the face and neck with my gauntlet.

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