The Political Quagmire

Is it me, or have our choices for political office, all of them, been gradually getting worse over the years? When did it become the norm to vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils” instead of the person that held the best platform, and carried the best message?

There are only two of the current candidates that I am really interested in, but I am not going to mention them here, only because I refuse to give them any free advertising.  Should there be the unlikely event that one of them call me and ask if I would run a spread on them, then I will be happy to do so… for a fee.  But I will make no promises about what I would write.

Anyway…  Politics is like a really bad sitcom these days.  A combination of “Everyone loves Raymond”, with a dash of “The Apprentice” and just a little bit of “Jerry Springer” thrown in for good measure.  I cannot look at any of them without thinking that they are just telling us what we want to hear and truncating the rest into silent whispers in back rooms.

No… I have decided who I will vote for, and I will do so if that person is nominated.  But I will do it only because they are the best of the one that are offered, and the offerings are might lean these days.

Seriously… I wish John Stewart would run.  At least then the race would be interesting.

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11 thoughts on “The Political Quagmire”

  1. Ben has a T shirt that says “John Stewart in 2008”. He gets many comments on it. I also got him a “campaign button” that says “Stewart/Colbert 08” that he wears pretty regularly.

  2. You know… It they would probably get a pretty fair amount of the vote from both Dem and Rep camps.

    Heck… How could Colbert be any worse that Cheney?

  3. I’m of the opinion that a “clean-slate” is what we need …. get rid of all of the bums, Congress included, and start over again. None of them (candidates included) truly have OUR best interest at heart, they’re all a bunch of power hungry self-centered idiots!

    As for the original thought of this thread ….. I’m inclined to vote for the candidate that’s strong on Terrorism (homeland security)and border control, the Line Item Veto (which would take care of the Earmarks in most spending bills) and hold the line on increased taxes.

    Also, I’d like to see the Congress come under the same Social Security program that we, the peons, are saddled with ….. their current rate of pay after retirement for the rest of their lives is BS!!

  4. In A Perfect World:

    The US political system needs a tune-up… or an enema. That much is clear.

    The Nomination process is nothing more than a Dog and Pony show where people get up in front of a bunch of people and spill political rhetoric about what they will do and will not do, and their commitment lasts about as long as it takes them to cash the checks, then it is on to the next task at hand.

    Politicians should be forced to work on something similar to a commission basis. The lower their job rating gets, the lower their pay. (In Bush’s case he would be flipping burgers at the Capital Consession stand to make up the difference.) Becoming the president should be almost like joining the seminary… you take a vow of poverty while you are doing the job.

    I think that since this country seems to be so gung-ho to keep the Electorial College, then let’s keep it, but make is so that each state is only worth one point. This would force the politicians to spend time in each state, so that they really have to get to know the people. As it stands now, they always hit the most valuable states first, and in some cases not even stopping in some of the single digit states. How fair is that? It goes a long way to show where their priorities lie.

    Sorry for rambling… did not have time to formulate a concise reply. I will do better next time.

  5. The political quagmire or quandary, like I like to say, I think is good for the country and that we are headed in the right directions. I guess I should make my political views known. I’m a liberal democratic. Until the nomination I will stay bipartisan, so I will not announce who I will endorse for President. Do you really want more of the same ole, same ole. Put this into context, 116 million Americans, nearly 40 percent of the nation have never lived when there wasn’t a Bush or a Clinton in the White House.” If we the American people are so exasperated with the handling of our government, why would you want more of the same. Personally, I think we need a commander and chief who is going to be honest and up front with the American people of national security issues. And not mislead us into believe something when it is untrue just so the President can have leverage over Congress. He needs to be hard on Domestic issues also. I think you will be surprised with this crop of Presidential candidates because the spotlight on the presidency will be brighter than ever this term. Whomever becomes President will have to become a great one because the American will demand it.

  6. I am going to sound s little “60’s-ish” but the current system is an elitest system. There is no one in office that TRULY represents the working person. They represent the people in the higher tax bracket because that is where the influence comes from. Yes… that include Obama.

    If what I were saying were not true, then there would be no $1200 a plate dinners that you could attend to meet them. They would attend when small grassroots commitees to elect them asked for them to show up for a quick speech. The only time they do show up at the small things are if there are plenty of press there, and there is a minority related, or some other substancial politically motivated reason.

    I do not want more of the same… that is why I have, quite some time ago, voiced my opinion in the only way that politicians seem to hear. I abandon the Republican Party and moved to the Independent.

  7. After perusing your blog about the California Legal System it is apparent that you are very truthful when you state that you are not an expert on the legal system. First let me address some of your questions:

    1.If someone is breaking into your home you can defend it and the occupants within all you like, but you can't use deadly force on someone who is not threatening you with great bodily harm or death. I think I'd dial 911. Ergo, you can't just shoot someone who happens to intentionally or accidentally wanders into your house. This isn't the wild west…

    2. In your blog on workplace behavior, you first say that telling someone they look nice is not appropriate, and now you say it is, but you're afraid of getting sued. These contradictions are

    hard to address, but I don't think the law ever makes someone liable for common courtesy or courteous remarks. It's pretty much based on the "intent" of the individual who says inappropriate things to others. So, bottom line, don't worry about kind comments you make at work.

    At least not as much as you worry about the correct response that is due to those who give you gifts.

    3. And I believe we give everyone a jury trial no matter what the charge because it is guaranteed as a fundamental right under our Constitution. I might also add that DNA testing has been responsible for the release of many innocent citizens being released from prison and death row because of their rights are still being guarded by attornies.

    I think you'd appreciate the concept of democracy more if you read up on the legal system that protects everyone, even those incarcarated for the most heinous crimes.

    If I was ever to be arrested I would want the Constitutional right to be "presumed innocent" until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of my peers. Thank goodness you are not in a position to take that away from anyone, but if you ever go on Jury Duty you should inform the court of your belief that everyone arrested is guilty as long as someone will be a witness against them, even the possible guilty person who wants to have an innocent person take the fall.

    And if the people vote in a new law we have democracy with it's checks and balances to keep each part of the system within it's boundries. So if the legislature passes a law that we don't like we can go to court to test it's Constitutionality, or the executive can veto a bill he/she doesn't like which can then be overridden by the legislature or they can reword the bill. All this is called "Democracy" and it may not be perfect but throwing people into prison forever without a trial or other constitutional guarantees would be like….let me think….Communism…Despotism….Dictatorship…

    and when you get in an accident (I hope never) or your loved ones do….since the law is written for lawyers by lawyers who also are the majority in state and federal legislatures who pass those laws….you'll be looking for an attorney who went to school for 7 long years after you quit going to school….yes, those people you mock will be the ones who protect your rights…

  8. Oh my goodness. It appears that what my mother used to say has come to fruition. Her advice was,” If wishes were horses, then fools could ride.” Listen fellas, in this day and age of our being in a truly Global World would you really want the people in charge of our government to be mandated to leave important issues to come down to hicksville USA to meet people who may or may not vote for them…let us not all be so naive.

    These people run the country, and they’re no different than any others who have been or will be in power, make decisions daily that have far reaching ramifications here and abroad. Remember, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why don’t you do some research on our governments participation in overthrowing South American countries leadership, to install those we felt weren’t leaning to the left to far. Or, just look what they did to the Diem brothers and those who followed in Vietnam…and this was at the behest of the revered JFK….
    I agree that the Election process is long, boring, and expensive…and run like big business for each candidate. And you say they only tell you what you want to hear…well, they don’t tell you all because it would make you feel at ease with the govts. past doings…but, I don’t think John Stewart would trade in his salary to become president…he’s got an easy job and doesn’t he also tell you what you want to hear? It’s easy to criticize, but a lot harder to do something to change the way things are in the country.
    You should go to the CIA website and read the archives about the College of the Americas where we trained the military of south american countries to torture, maime, and kill in the name of democracy fighting communism. Then you’ll really have something to think about around election time.

  9. Excuse me John, but “Listen fellas”, in my language is plural and I haven’t ‘signed-on’ to any of the previous posts necessarily. With that said, my only remark of any substance at this moment is to reiterate what I said above …. “I have no faith that any of them, Red or Blue have ours or the countries best interest at heart and all should be replaced” …. they’re actions as of late speak volumes for ‘term-limits’, coupled with their 11% approval rating.

  10. 'I cannot look at any of them without thinking that they are just telling us what we want to hear and truncating the rest into silent whispers in back rooms', i smile while reading your write about what you think about political people who do campaign. because i think about it too. negative think arises in my mind when they said in their campaign, think of will they realize their promise, will they remember what they said when become the 'chosen' person. but, i also hoping they will realize it in the future.


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