Jury Duty…

This last week I had the honor of serving on a Jury. I say honor and I mean it with all my heart. Yes… I will also admit that there are parts of jury service that are boring beyond tears. The initial waiting for your panel to be called, then the process of selection where … Read more

California Legal System

I write this as an opinion… I am in no way versed in the California legal system, and do not represent myself as an expert on anything legal… except that I like to take notes on legal paper, which is 8.5 by 14 inches. I know that with certainty. I also cringe as I write … Read more

What is the problem?

WARNING… This article is fueled by anger… Please read with this in mind. I am an American. Our system is not perfect, and some of our politicians could be replaced by trained monkeys (or are already) but I love this country none-the-less. As you may have notice through reading some of my other entries, my … Read more

Where does it End?

OK… To start this off, I am Pro-Immigration… LEGAL Immigration. I am listening to the debates over the various proposals regarding the immigration laws, and I am just in awe. In awe of two things… The stupidity of the people arguing against it and in awe of the lack of backbone that the government is … Read more

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