Where does it End?

OK… To start this off, I am Pro-Immigration… LEGAL Immigration.

I am listening to the debates over the various proposals regarding the immigration laws, and I am just in awe. In awe of two things… The stupidity of the people arguing against it and in awe of the lack of backbone that the government is showing to defend the borders.

One of the arguments I heard today on NRP radio was that of a young lady that ditched school to go out and protest. Her enlightening statement was that she did not want her parents and her to be deported. She is a perfect example of why you should STAY in school, because had she spent some time with a teacher or picked up a book to study the legal information regarding immigrants, she would know that IF she was born in the US, then SHE has nothing to worry about. She goes on to state that her parents wanted her to have a better life… well then why did her parents break the law to do so. My parents wanted me to have a better life than they had, so if they rob a bank or another person to do so, does that make what they did right?

The answer is NO! Entering the United States (and many other countries) to live or stay for an extended period, without proper documentation (think Visas) is illegal. Why is that so hard to accept? If what they are doing was legal, then why are they crossing the borders through the rivers, deserts, and in the back of trucks? If they feel they have the RIGHT to just come across and start living here, then why not just cross the boarders at the checkpoints and highways?

Now… the other think that sticks in my craw. Prop 187 was passed with flying colors, pretty much a landslide victory. Then the legal idiots got a hold of it and beat it down. This tells me that illegal aliens have more rights in California than do I. How is this right? These are people that do not even have the right to VOTE in this country, why can a person who comes to this country illegally, does not (in MOST cases) pay taxes and has no LEGAL right to be here, have the right to override my vote? There is no doubt that they do work hard, I will not even TRY and argue that fact. Illegals do work that I honestly would not do willingly… though I have done a lot of manual labor, it is not my first choice.

This whole thing leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth regarding several things, but the main one is our Government’s stance on this whole thing. There should be no question about what needs to be done. The borders need to be shut… period. This is especially true since we are presently in a conflict with a foreign power. We cannot stand around with this “We want to be fair to everyone” attitude and allow people to just wander in. We need a lot of people on the border… if someone tries to cross, fire a warning shot, if they keep coming, fire a shot into their head. If their family sues us, there should be NO grounds and it should not even make it to court. They had no legal right to cross the border without going through the proper channels.

Those of you who happen upon this are probably going to argue with me, and condemn me for my opinion, but you know… that is the beautiful part about being an American… I can have my opinion and you can have yours… and as long as you do not break the law to express yours.

Now… If you want to know my opinions on foreign Labor, I encouraged you to read my article titled An alternative to Illegal Immigration“, because I have no intention of rewriting it here.

If there is any sign of common sense left in this country, then the bill put forth by the Senate Judiciary Committee will be the best bet. Let’s just hope that this does happen.

In closing, let me say this. There is nothing wrong with folks coming into the states and working. Most of these jobs are jobs that a majority of us would not want to do. I have worked a couple of seasons digging trenches in the California sun… and it is not fun, so I do have respect for the work they do. But it needs to be done legally, both to protect us as Americans and them as potential “Guest Workers.”


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