Loss of a Legend

Say what you want about country and western music, and the “Bakersfield Sound” in general, but there is no denying that Buck Owens was an icon of both.

As most of you now know, unless you have been living in a cave (hello there Osama!) Buck Owens, the patriarchal figurehead of the Bakersfield Sound, permanently left the stage of life this last Saturday morning (25 March 2006).

To say he will be missed is almost not enough. His inspiration and support has helped many an aspiring singer get their start, and his legacy encompasses several decades of musical history.

I never actually got to see the man perform live, but I listened to the live broadcast from the Crystal Palace every Friday night, and I had the honor of meeting him once. Though it was a brief handshake and a “How’re you doin'”, then he was gone. Even in that short meeting, you could feel that he carried a presence about him. There was something in his walk, his talk and his overall personality that just made you like him. I am not sure how else to describe it, but he was the kind of person that you had to like.

His loss will be felt by many.

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2 thoughts on “Loss of a Legend”

  1. I have to agree this was a great loss. I am happy to see though he still lives on through the internet and so much is still available from him. His Memory is a blessing.


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