The name Tina Carroll may not mean much to you, but to many it does.

A lot can be said about a person who puts others above themselves, even when they are ill.

I did not know Tina, but understanding what I have read about her, I wish I had. she was truiely a person of unique spirit and courage, and I feel that her loss is a loss to all of us.

After asking for permission to post the article here, I was turned down. I was, however, told that I can post this link so that the author, Shellie Branco, would still get her due credit.

I ask that you take a moment to read this article. I envy this girl’s ability to put others above herself. Her dedication to herself through her continued education and her dedication to others through her work as a volunteer.

While her life was short, and she was in pain, she did not dwell on this, and lived a productive, active and worthy life.

I cannot say much more than Shellie was able to in her article, and I think that she said it well. I can only say that I hope that I can live a life as full as she had in her short stay on this plane.

Thank you Tina for being one of the bright points in the lives of others. You will be missed by those that loved you, those that you touched and those that only knew of you through stories of others. Your parents have much to be proud of.

Samuel Wright
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