Wash your hands!!!

This is a little different than my usual posts, but enjoy.

I pay attention to things, little things and big things. I also tend to dwell on things that bother me. That being said, I will vent a little here about something I noticed some time ago, and then started taking a mental score of.

How often do you wash your hands?

I am not so much talking about washing up before meals or after spending the afternoon working on the Ford. Moreso I am talking about washing your hands after you have used the toilet.

Being a regular user of toilets myself, and having been so for most of my life, I have noticed that this number is surprising low. Myself? I am rather anal about this topic, I turn the water to hot (if hot water is available) then wash my hands in near scalding water with lots of soap, then on my way out of the facility I use a paper towel to open the door.

What my rant covers is how many times I have used public restrooms and listened to people come in, do their business, then leave… WITHOUT washing their hands.

Now… What a person does regarding their own health is none of my business, in fact there are some people that I could really care less what they do to themselves, however washing your hands after using the restroom is not about personal hygene as much as it is about courtesy and PUBLIC health.

Who knows what problems a person might have that they could be sharing with others through their own lack of forethought? Imagine someone using the toilet, not washing up, then grabbing a doorknob with their hand… now another person, say maybe YOU walk through that SAME door on your way out… you may have washed your hands, but now that you grabbed that same knob, you now may be sharing some of the same funk that was on the other person’s hand.

Now you go out and enjoy a hot dog or Hamburger, or and other food that requires use of your hands to eat… but you are not just eating that food, you are also enjoying any of the funk that came off the other person’s genitals.

Yes, I know that this is disgusting, and probably many of you have already stopped reading at this point. Yes, I also know that there are not many diseases or illnesses that can be transmitted this way… but that is not the point.

The point is that not washing your hands after you have visited the toilet is a disgusting habit that you should break yourself of, quickly.

When you think about it, you might not even want to know how many times a day you shake hands with, are touched by, patted or even served food by someone who may have just finished wiping their ass and decided that washing their hand was a little too time consuming.

Think about that for a while, then be polite to yourself and to others and wash your hands the next time you visit the toilet.

This has been another Public Service Announcement by….

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