An Excercize in “What if”.

This is a little newer that what I usually do, but I would like your opinions or reflections on a couple topics… Just to feel out the few readers that I have.

1.  What if JFK had survived?  There was an excellent book written by George Bernau that reflected on this.  He changed the names, but you get the idea.  But how do you think the world would have changed or been the same had Kennedy not been killed?  Take that out as far as you want… I am interested in what you think.  I will not post my writings on it for a while.

2.  Same question as above, but regarding Martin Luther King.  Do you think that the civil rights movement would have gone differently if he had lived?  Again, tell me what you think and why.  Does not matter if you want to take the Radical Black, Liberal White, Confused Hippie or KKK point of view, or whatever your particular POV is.

3. Why was the Peace movement either a success or a failure, in your opinion?

Thanks… I will be interested in your opinions.  Both from those of you who lived in the time, and those of you who studied about it.

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2 thoughts on “An Excercize in “What if”.”

  1. 1. JFK-Had JFK survived I think the outcome of the Vietnam War would probably have been different. I.E. by the time Nixon would have taken office the conflict probably would have been over. That however begs two questions. 1. Would Nixon have ever been elected, and 2. What effect would JFK’s survival had on the political parties views with regard to economic policy. In essence while JFK was a Democrat, he was a fiscal conservative and believed in the power of the individual and not the government to do great things in this country. And while this comment may be loathe to those democrats that may be reading. It would have beeen interesting to see the two great Presidents of our time, Ronald Reagan and JFK compared during their two full terms in office. As I believe had Kennedy lived he would have had a second term. Reagan and Kennady both believed in the power of the individual and the promotion of economic growth through the market system, not make work jobs or wealth re-distribution. As to Nixon’s election, I think he would have still probably been elected, because I don’t think Lyndon Johnson could have successfully campaign to continue the out going Kennady’s policies.

    2. Martin Luther King’s death, while tragic and a loss to humanity, probably did more for his movement than if he had continued to live. It can be argued that at the time of his death, his movement was for lack of a better term on its death bed. His death actually re-invigorated the movement. The thing that would have been interesting though is that if he had survived, would the same mis-guided message african americans are given today by their so called leaders, been the same. Martin Luther King would like Kennady have continued to preach the message of the power of the individual instead of government handouts and a “we are owed something” from society. He and Kennady would have both been against “the cradle to grave mentally” of the so called party of the common man(democrats). While we have identified the so called murders of both of these great men. I wonder if whoever was really behind their assasinations got really the outcome they intended from both of their deaths?

    3. The peace movement, total failure! Had JFK and Martin Luther King survived, I don’t think it would ever have gotten off the ground, or simply would have been more irrelevant than it was and is!

  2. What about RFK? Do you think that had JFK survived, there would have been a “Kennedy Dynasty” that would have included John, Robert and maybe even Teddy? (assuming that with the survival of JFK and RFK that Teddy would not be as much a joke as he is regarded today, what with all the issues that have followed him around.)

    And on the Peace Movement… do you think that if you removed the drug element from the Peace Movement, it would have been stronger and accomplished more?


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