Do they have the right to their own defense?

I have gone back over this idea more times than I like.  It is a hard topic for me because this is so personal for us all.  It involves the detainees at Guantanamo and what rights they should and should not have.

Because this is such a touchy subject, I am going to write this in two part… The first part I am going to use to gauge the attitudes of people, then I will express my opinion on the topic.

The issue is this:

Do the detainees have the right to know the charges that are filed against them, and should be be allowed to provide a defense for themselves?  If you need a different way to see it, imagine if it were you in their place, say as someone who was assumed guilty by association.  Would you not want the option of contesting the charges that are brought against you?

I am in no way defending those that are responsible for acts of terrorism, but I am questioning the practice of holding a person in custody with no formal charges filed against them and, in some case, without their knowing the exact reason of their detention.

Please express how you feel about it and feel  free to take as much writing space as you need.


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