Is America watching?

There is no denying that the elections in Iran and the controversy surrounding them have the attention of the world focused on that country.  We may be witnessing a monumental moment in the development of the middle east, depending on the results of the riots and the upheaval.

To say that rigging the vote is not out of the question for someone like Ahmadinejad is foolish.  Here we are talking about a man, who each time he opens his mouth utters nothing but nonsense.  He seems to live for the effort of generally pissing people off.  He denies that the Holocaust ever happened, in spite of the overwhelming proof that it did… putting him on the same standing as such intellectual giants as Louis Farakhan.  His opinion on the state of Israel alone demonstrates that he is probably no better than any other person that attests to the teachings of people like Hitler, Wagner and Voltaire.
Is there any doubt that there is no place in a position of power for people like Ahmadinejad and his ilk?  More, he and they represents a anachronism, a class of leader or leadership that should be put out to pasture, or retired.  There is no place in the world for people like this.  The world has become too small for so much hate, and if there is going to be any chance to develop ongoing peaceful relations with the middle east for the US or any country, Ahmadinejad and leaders like him need to be deposed and sent away.

I am very interested in the turning of events right now in Iran for several reason.  Most importantly of these are the effect that the upheaval and it’s success or failure will have on the surrounding countries or the region and the fact that the next leader of Iran will help determine the United States’ policies for that region.  In spite of Obama’s promise to entertain communications with all foreign leaders, I have to think that not even he will be so bold as to enter into any serious talks with this idiot.

I do understand that the middle eastern culture and the US culture differ greatly, so I will not pretend that our way of life should mirror theirs in any way other that what they desire it to.  But there is no way that when so many people are rising against you, as a leader, you cannot see that you are screwing something up somewhere or somehow.

Ahmadinejad… Step down.

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