Has the nation grown a pair?

Well… it might just be a flash in the pan, but this last week has shown an example of what happens when the voters decide to tell the system that they have had enough.

Here in California the voters, in what appears to be a landslide of votes more than the turnout, have shot down Props 1a through 1e.  The average on this was about 66% against to 33% for.  This tells me that in spite of the Liberal and some Conservative, effort to tell the masses that the “Tea Parties” were a waste of time and effort, that may not have been the case.

The key idea behind the Party that I attended was to not let them, Dem or Rep, have what they were asking for.  To say no on all the props and to leave them out in the cold.  We did just that.  We told them that patching up a failing system with loans against money that was not earned yet is not a way to run a state government.  The problem needs to be FIXED not covered up with yet another coat of paint and given a new name.  Crap is still crap, no matter how pretty you dress it up.

Then, yesterday, there was Citizen Obama’s slap across the face in the Senate.  I mean, if the vote had been something like 50 to 46 or something, then I could give him the possibility that he just did not sell the idea of closing Guantanamo to some people.  But when they return a 90 to 6 against closing it.  That is just an outright burn.  Citizen Obama walked out of the Senate chamber with his ass burning after that one.  Maybe walking like he just had a little involuntary “Brokeback Mountain” moment in the Senate chambers.

There is, however, another thought that crosses my mind about that vote, though.  With all the questions about where those prisoners where going to go, is it possible that the “Vote” was a sham, and CBO NEVER planned on closing GITMO in the first place?  Is it possible that that he, CBO, planned this as a “Planned Failure” to cover up the fact that maybe he never planned to close GITMO in the first place, but needed an “OUT”?   Could it be that he knew there was no way that he could close the facility without causing a major uproar with a large group of people, yet by NOT trying, cause another group, HIS voters, to be angry, so he set this up to make it look like he would try but then the mean, bad old Senate would not let him?

If that is true… are we sure that CBO is not actually a Clinton is disguise?

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2 thoughts on “Has the nation grown a pair?”

  1. Here it is plain and simple ……. the legislators of this state are the problem. To fix this or any problem for that matter, the state needs to be redistricted. The politicians have guaranteed themselves a place in Sacto into perpetuity and are ruining the state in the process.

    We need to redistrict the entire state and throw the bums OUT!!

  2. I will do you one better… and this is odd for me, because for years I thought it was a silly idea.

    Break California up into at least two, possibly three states. When you look at the socioecomonic variances through the state and the cultural differences, especially between Northern and Southern Ca., it would benefit the state and the people to do so. There would also be a lot less financial woes, or so it might seem.


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