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Happy New Year!

Can you believe it?


I can remember being a kid and thinking how far away that sounded.  Thinking that I would be 41 years old and then thinking; “Man, that is old.”

Then, quite suddenly, I was 41 and then, almost as suddenly, I was wishing everyone Happy 2010.

Can you remember all the things that we were supposed to have accomplished by this year?  All the advances that we were supposed to have made by now.

Instead we go into 2010 with a bad economy… a president that seems hell bent on suffocating the very system that got him elected and screwing the rest of us in his personal quest for a universal medical coverage program that a growing majority of Americans are objecting to.

I sincerely hope that this year ends better than it is beginning, and that come November, the PEOPLE stand up and take back THEIR country from these hacks.


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  1. Russell Petrone

    Touche' …… I'll lift a glass to that!

  2. dude youre almost half a century old!

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