Mr. Obama… you do NOT speak for me…

Mr. Obama…  You have spent a great deal of time throughout the first year of your duties as the alleged “Commander in Chief” visiting countries and throwing us, the United States, on the sword for whoever would listen.  But I have a few things I would like to share with you and anyone that cares to read this.

My “Am Not’s” and “Do Not’s”.

I am not sorry that we used “persuasive” measures to obtain information from combatants and non-combatant sympathizers during times of conflict (war or police action) in which the lives of other Americans and the lives of our allies is at risk.

I am not sorry that we went into the European and Pacific theaters in World War II and kicked ass.  There are many men and women, Americans and otherwise, that were injured or gave their lives to protect what we were fighting for.  Imagine what would have happened if we had chosen to sit it out? I am sure that even you, Mr. Obama, would agree with me, so do not presume to apologize for what they did with honor.

I am not sorry about what you refer to as American arrogance; I think perhaps you might be thinking, instead of our PRIDE, while some would suggest that this is a “deadly sin”, I disagree. We are a truly great country, capable of great things and have accomplished great thing in spite of what you are trying to do to it and what you are trying to educate us and others regarding it.

I do not apologize for those faults that we DO have.  Ever person, every country and every culture has faults, what we learn from those faults are what make us better people.  Every mistake makes us stronger and smarter and more prepared for our next challenge.  It is not your place to travel the world, advertising our failures and apologizing for them.

I do not apologize for my personal stance against those that practice Radical Islam… a stance that I share with many people, even friends of mine that are also Muslim and do not support the efforts of these radicals that give other Muslims and practitioners of Islam a bad name and make life hard on them. <Link> There are enough other reasons out there to hate one another and while I will admit that the Radical Islamic movement has me concerned, I work each day to know that there is a difference between the two.

I do not apologize for America “Dictating Terms” when we have been asked to go in and help in countries that have asked for our help or in cases where we have gone in and provided assistance even when we were not asked but the situation required intervention on our part.  Terms control what happens after the troops and diplomats have gone home, they are a way of making sure that we were not wasting our efforts.

I do not apologize for slavery…  I’ve never owned a slave nor have I ever had a desire to do so… though I would like to hire a house-keeper to come in once or twice a month.  Yes, slavery was a black mark in our history, but it is nothing new and certainly nothing strictly Euro/American.  In fact, you will find that the black slave trade was in effect IN Africa itself before the white man started exploiting it.  There are still stories of people being sold into servitude in that country to this day.  Does that make the Euro/American participation right? Of course not! But I will not apologize for that which I had no control over, nor should you, on my behalf.

I am not sorry for the United States’ policies towards other countries in the Americas.  We are a sovereign nation; we have the right to protect our borders and to make sure that our neighbors are not acting in ways that cause harm to this great nation.  This requires us to take a strong stance to defend our borders and our policies against those that would do wrong by us.  Mexico cannot and appears unwilling to even try to keep their own people and illegal drugs from crossing into our country, yet if we try to stop it, those that are trained and assigned to do the job are taken to task for it, just look at Officers Ramos and Compean.

We treat countries with respect when they act in such a way that deserves it.  When dignitaries like President Calderon of Mexico and “President” Chavez of Venezuela, among others, start acting like they respect the policies and sovereignty of the United States… THEN, we can begin to ease our policies towards them.



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