Stupid Questions

I was watching one of those “Global Disaster” shows on Discovery tonight, and how the east coast of the United States may be wiped out by the collapse of part of the La Palma island in the Canary’s. Anyway… Listening to the show, more than actually watching it, I was reminded of a person I … Read more

A Disturbing Trend

You know something… we are raising a generation of rude people. My wife and I were sitting, eating breakfast this morning, and I watched as a man came in and sat down in the waiting area… waiting to be seated. Well… This being Sunday, it was not long before the usual Church crowd started wandering … Read more

Mind your mouth…

When I was a child, I was forbidden to use fowl language. Our house, though that means just my mother and I, was very strict in that sense. In fact, I was so well trained that I never even cussed outside of the house, for fear that somehow my mother would know that I had … Read more

Our actions

Do you feel that your action, or inaction, can truely make those around you into better or worse people? Have you ever noticed that when, in the course of your day, you encounter a person who is in a genuinely good mood, that mood will rub off? The power that a smile or a pleasant … Read more

…When I’m Sixty-Four.

I watched something today that was pleasant to see. While sitting and eating a quick lunch at a McDonald’s in Monterey, Ca. I watched an older couple enter the restaurant. They went to the counter and placed their order, with a little difficulty due to an impatient cashier. After they got their food, they wandered … Read more

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