Stupid Questions

I was watching one of those “Global Disaster” shows on Discovery tonight, and how the east coast of the United States may be wiped out by the collapse of part of the La Palma island in the Canary’s.

Anyway… Listening to the show, more than actually watching it, I was reminded of a person I went to school with. For the sake of his privacy, I will give him the name Dick… which is oddly what he is, and another version of his name.

This person was the odd member of the group I hung out with. We all belonged to cliques when we were in school… Nowadays they are considered more like gangs, and some schools try to prevent people from gathering too much.

We were a group of nerds… Pretty much all of us, except Dick, were pretty good at what we did. Most of our time that was not spent in class, was spent in the computer room working on programs… except Dick… who spent most of his time, looking back in retrospect, playing games and bothering us.

He used to have these ideas he would pursue us about, and ask us for our input on… and these had to be, quite possibly, the stupidest or most irrelevant ideas that one could possibly think of.

One that stands out to me the most was this work of cerebral artwork:

“Hey… if you looked up and saw a nuclear missile coming right at you, what would you do?”

OK… Let us look at the deep and troubling philosophical nature of this question… Alright, Bullshit, there it is. Lets look at the reality of the question in the hopes that Dick ever wanders into this site.

1. Even if you were lucky enough to happen to glance up and see the device approaching, then you would only have seconds to really think about anything before you became incinerated, or at the very least blinded… at which time the only thing you will be thinking is “Damn I wish I was dead.”

2. Who Cares? You can think of what ever you wanted, but what good would it do? It reminds me of the poor whale that was created, along with the bowl of petunias, as a result of the Infinite Improbability drive over the planet Magrathea in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You can think anything you want, and come up with what ever opinions you want, but but after a few moments, you will meet the same fate as the Whale and the petunias.

3. And finally… it’s just the dumbest question you can ask and does not deserve an answer. If you could look up a Thesaurus listing for dumb questions like this, you might find the following:

a. What would you do if you saw the sun go Nova?
b. Where would you go if you had nowhere to go fast?
c. What happens to all the missing socks that disappear in the dryer?

In closing, I need to add the following.

Dick was, at one time, a good friend… but as times changed and the rest of the group grew up and moved on in our lives, he stayed in his world… not moving and not growing up or taking the responsibilities that life and age cast upon him. Because of this, and only because of his own short sightedness, did he lose those who were his friends.

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2 thoughts on “Stupid Questions”

  1. I rarely leave comments, but isn’t trashing “Dick”
    contrary to your philosophy of giving everyone some level of “respect?” Also, I think “Dick” has the same right as every one of us to lead his life the way he chooses, without his former friends being so judgemental. Just because he does not choose your path through life doesn’t make him a bad person or one who should be held out as one who deserves less in life than you or I.
    Furthermore, I thank God for people who ask questions like “Dick” asked, and that you consider
    so dumb as to make fun of his critical thinking skills. Why? Because someone who asked that question has now come up with a Missle Defense System that only last week proved it’s merit when in a test it destroyed a missle shot at us from Alaska. Gee, maybe Dick has more foresight than any of his former friends….let’s hope he and people like him continue to think beyond our current worldy view…and not about what to do or say when receiving a gift, because even a stupid, short-sighted,irresponsible, child-like (your description of Dick) wouldn’t have to have anothers input on a common sense problem like you spend your valuable time worrying about.
    Since you value criticism of others about your writing, I have written to give you some advice about being a friend and dispenser of your views on life.
    Here’s a good exercise to try. Place Dicks real name on the top of a sheet of lined paper. Then write down everything you can think of about him or his character flaws that you feel should be adjusted. Then cross-out his name and place yours in its place. why? Because what we generally see in others are our own faults that we also refuse to correct or feel cannot or should not be corrected.
    I enjoyed reading your blogs because it gives me perspective on how others view life and their reactions to it on a daily basis. I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings, but my motto is to try and live each day to the fullest without hurting anyone else emotionally, and let them live their life any damn way the please without acting as if I am the person who has the power to judge them or tell them or others how life is to be lived. It’s a lot less stress-full, and I bet Dick has a lot less stress than you. Why don’t you contact him since it’s apparent that you have issues with him over some slight or misunderstanding. Have a good life, and maybe if you’re going to tell people how respectful you think you are to everyone, you should not only practice what you preach, but you might consider taking the “insane” out of you site name. I respect your opinions, but they seem a little contradictory to me…..ok, I’m finished…have a real good day and life with you wife and family.

  2. I will keep this short and simple, and offer a blanket “No pun intended” for the reply.

    Since you don’t know Dick, I doubt you would understand him.

    This was a person, who, almost twenty years after the fact was still bragging about the time he and a friend played chicken with a Tractor-Trailer while they were driving a Ford Festiva… and going under the wheel and living to talk about it.

    Looking back on the post, I guess you could say I was harsh. But as for listing his faults and applying them to myself. No… not a chance we would compare. And if you knew Dick, then you would probably see things the same way. The best way I can describe him is if you looked at Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin and came up with a composite.

    I originally wrote this piece in the hopes that one day he would stumble across it and see what myself and the other three people he drove away saw in him. He never listened to us, and in the end it cost him his wife and kids. You may tell me that I was wrong to be hard on him, but when a person does not listen, you have to change tactics… if they still do not listen, and then blame you for their failure because of your success, then there comes a time to cut bait and move on. No… in spite of what you might think of me, it is not easy to lose a person who was a friend… but I can honestly look at everything that I did, and the others did to try and help him, and think of nothing we did wrong, and nothing else we could have done right to change the outcome. Sometime people grow apart… I hope that you understand that… maybe in your world, this never happens… who knows.


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