Traveling and Restaurants… a Rant

When I travel, and my company does have me travel a bit, I make it a point to be adventurous.

When I get to my hotel, I look for a restaurant… preferrably one that I have never been to before, or one that I enjoy, but rarely get to enjoy. Am I the only one that thinks it is silly to go out of town and eat at the same restaurant that you have in your own home town? I mean granted, there are times that I have been in a hurry, and not wanted to look for a place to eat, so I would hit fast food or the like, but a majority of the time I would make the effort to find someplace different.

Right now I am limited, for as I write this article I am doing the “Low Carb” thing to get my weight down in preparation for a pending knee surgery… in other words my options are limited. But normally when I visit a town, and it does not matter how often I get to visit that town, I pretty much ignore places to eat that I frequent in my Home town. I even go so far as looking up a list of good places to eat around the hotel I will be staying at before I get there. Makes life interesting.

Do not get me wrong, there is a certain autistic comfort in going to the same places all the time. Sorta like letting yourself know that everything is “right” in the world as long as you see a Denny’s, Roadhouse Grill, Carrows or Outback someplace. But people… you gotta live a little… be adventurous. By the simple nature of who we are, it is OK. Humans THRIVE on diversity, not monotony. How many Cob Salads from Marie Calendar’s can a person eat? Are we on a quest? Somewhere is there a talley center? “Well… Paul has eaten a Cob Salad from every one of our locations in Southern California, better send him that award now.” Yeah… Right.

In short… Next time you are out of town, look for some place to eat that you have never been to before, or maybe have never even HEARD of before. Personally I would even say look for the “Hole in the Wall” places… my experience tells me that, more often than not, they are the best and most rewarding meals to be had.

That is just my input for tonight… do with it what you will, nothing more nothing less.

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