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OK… This is the latest in many attempts at building a better blog.  For those of you who have not, or chose not to read my work, I hope that you will start.  I am not full of myself, and I certainly do not consider myself to be a literary master.  Like all of us, I feel I have something to say, and I, unlike many people I have met in my trips around the sun, like to hear what you have to say about my writing.  There will be mis-spellings, and occasional bad grammar… that is not the responses I am hoping for.

The purpose of the Blog concept is to allow for the exchange of ideas or thought.  Letting people talk in a place that is effectively neutral ground…

Please feel free to read through my archives… They go back about two years, and all of them are gems… at least I think so.  Please feel free to say otherwise.

Happy Blogging!

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2 thoughts on “The Blog lives”

  1. Hell son, why didn’t you tell me that you were in the Marines….that makes a huge difference in how I view you and your writing. I take back everything I said or you may have thought I said in all of my writings. In other words,”you’re correct and I’m just flappin my yap”…lol…we marines have to stick together. Keep up the good work, and one of these days I’ll surprise you with another visit. Semper Fi Marine
    John “Doc” Baker (a man who shed his blood for his country and won’t let anyone forget it)

  2. No… More than likely you were not just flappin’.

    One of the few pieces of advice that my Father gave me was that “Everyone has a story, and all stories are worth hearing, even if they do not go along with what you want to hear.”

    I am stubborn, and I may get my back up when you tell me something that I am not happy with, but I will listen. And my mother always told me to never disrespect those older and/or wiser than myself… and to date (with the exception of a few times, through the natural course of growing up and testing my boundaries) I have done so.

    I also had an important mentor in my young adult life. A gentlemen named Major James F. Baier (USMC Retired), served 4 tours in Vietnam (as a “Hughie” pilot both Med-Evac and Gunship runs), and a few other places I cannot recall. He was what they call a “Mustang”, I am sure you have heard the term before. This was a person who personified Gunny Highway (Heartbreak Ridge) as the “Eating Constatina Wire and Pissing Napalm” Marine. Once this guy learned that I signed up on the delayed entry program at 16, he did not give me one moment of rest.

    No… Don’t take back anything you said. Sometimes the best way we learn or get a better understanding of things is to challenge or be challenged on what you think you know. To just take everything that we know at the gospel, is not learning, it is “getting by.”

    Not to mention the fact that if everyone agrees with you, life gets awful damn boring, real fast.

    I look forward to seeing you on the site from time to time.


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