Review: The Astronaut Farmer

This last weekend my wife and I watched The Astronaut Farmer.

This is truly an outstanding movie. Not for the reality or the graphics, but for the story itself.

Obviously the chances of a person being able to build an orbital craft in their back yard (Or barn, as in the movie) are slim to none on the best of days, and even if Sept 11th had not happened.  I have no doubt that even if a person DID get the ship built, there would be almost no chance of them getting the high-grade fuel that would be required to get them into orbit.  They would have to figure out a way to refine and prepare the fuel themselves.

All that aside, what makes this movie great is that it’s message is to not stop dreaming or pursuing that dream . That you should keep working towards your them, even if others laugh at you for them or call you nuts.   Now I am not telling you to go out and try and start your own space program… unless your name is Bill Gates, Dick Ruttan or Sir Richard Branson… in which case you can do whatever you like and not many people will give you a second look.

No… what I think that this movie conveys is that we all had (or still have) a dream of what we want to do.  We should never give up trying to attain that dream or wish.  Granted, there are certain things that we will not be, especially once you get past a certain age.  I know for a fact that I will never see space, or be a doctor.  These were both dreams of mine at some point in life, but I got distracted and ended up taking other paths.  But that does not mean I cannot help others with their dreams and then, through that, live vicariously through their accomplishments.

We should all embrace our dreams, or the dreams and aspirations of others.  As I am sure you will understand, there are exceptions to this… I would not want to willingly feed the aspirations of someone whose dream was to kill or to in any other way harm others…  unless that wish was to, say, cause all the members of Al-Quida to suddenly develop some new form of spastic priapism.

If you have not seen this movie, please do.  There is a powerful message there, and I think that we all can gain from it.

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