Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – A Review

The following is based on my personal experience with the coffee mentioned. The author is in no way defaming the Dunkin’ Donuts name, or discouraging you, the reader, from buying said product and developing your own opinion.

The Wife and I have been seeing all the hype and the commercials about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and how good it is supposed to be, so much, that we finally decided that if we happened to stumble across a bag, we would go ahead and buy it.

So we were in Vons the other night and we saw that they had bags and bags of the stuff. I looked for, and found, the Medium Roast whole bean coffee, adding this to the cart we made our purchases and went home in anticipation of this new taste we were about to experience.

That evening I ground the beens, and brewed a pot. Let me divert for a moment and express that I have always liked my coffee strong, Marine Coffee, my wife likes to call it. I will usually put 14 cups worth of grounds into the filter for a 12 cups pot. So I did this for our first pot of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

After the brewing process, I looked at the pot. Not only could you see through the pot, but it looked no stronger than a pot of hot tea. Figuring that maybe the taste would still be there, I poured a cup and tasted. Almost entire not quite unlike real coffee… In other words, it was bad. Thinking that I must have just ground it wrong, I poured it out and ground another batch, this time I set the grinder for 18 cups.

The result was tolerable, but still awful weak. I only drank about one cup, and I still had to reheat that one a couple time, it took me so long to drink.

The next day I ground another batch, this time on the finest setting, and 18 cups. For good measure, no pun intended, I ground an additional four cups worth and poured it in with the rest. Once again the coffee was passable… but not what I would consider as something I would buy again.

So… I dumped the remaining grounds and had my wife, the next time she went to the store, but another bag of a different brand… the initials are SB… and once again I am happily drinking a coffee that does not require me to grind half the bag to get a decent cup.

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