A week or so ago there was a Bronson marathon on TV. They showed all the “Death Wish” movies, so I sat down and watched them. To be fair, this is not the first time that I have seen them. I watched them all several years ago, and back then I enjoyed them for the violence factor… like anyone of my age, at the time. I can only say that it was probably a testosterone thing.

Today, when I see them, it is fun to watch them, but the thing that I liked about then seems to be gone. When I watched the series this last time, I could not see the same thing in them that I did way back when.

So… in watching the shows this time, I was not able to keep from taking them apart, so here are the things I learned in watching them:

1. It is much easier to get military class weapons that you and I thought.
2. With all their training and drilling, FBI, Police, Etc… are very poor shots, and could not hit the broad side of a barn with an elephant.
3. The fatality of getting shot is inversely proportional to your importance in the plot of the story being told.
4. Almost any villain can be dissuaded from attacking you, if you have a clever one-liner.
5. No one notices a heavily armed white guy in a predominantly ethnic ‘hood.
6. Gang members take their fashion queues from the the 1980’s.
7. DO NOT fall in love, the person will die shortly.
8. Most cops and ministers have something to hide.
9. Guns will always jam when you need them most.
10. If you have a good monologue, the bad guy will always let you finish it before you shoot them.

Granted… there are probably more, but I am tired, so I will stop now.

Thanks for your time.

Samuel Wright
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