Movie Review: SunShine

Last year I saw a couple previews for the movie SunShine, but it never made it to my local theatre. Before I knew it, it was in the DVD rental list on my Netflix account.

I ordered it, and then when it arrived, I watched it expecting it to be a poorly made movie. I mean, why else would it have gone to video so soon after hitting the theatres? That is something that usually only happens to either, a. Really bad movies. b. Movies that make you really think about something or c. Movies that touch on a subject that no one wanted to accept.

So I watched it and I really liked it. The effects were great, the story, while a little improbable, was good. The characters were believable, and the end was very well done.

Granted… there are some of the concepts of the movie that were a little out there. But I will discuss those at the end.

Without giving away the movie to the people that might want to see it, the easiest way I can describe it is that it is about sacrifice. People taking a dangerous journey with the intent of using an experimental device to reignite the sun. Add to this that this is not the first attempt. They are traveling in the wake of a previous attempt, that failed. So the odds are already against them.

This movie is good in the sense that there is a lot to the story that speaks to humans in general. We usually do not give up or give in. We are bound and determined to go up against insurmountable odds to achieve something that may or may not work.

This movie is motivational, with a little horror, and a grand theme. If I were to make comparisons… it is like Red Planet, with a pinch of Event Horizon and a little bit of Core.

My only arguements:

1. The concept that by collecting all the remaining fissionable material on Earth, and taking it to the sun in an attempt to restart it, is like a flea crawling up and elephant’s rear with rape in mind.

2. I am not sure that there is much of anything that we can create that could survive a direct entry into the sun’s coronasphere and live long enough to detonate therein.

Those things aside, this is a great movie to watch!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: SunShine”

  1. We rented this about a month ago and were also surprised at how good it was. I personally hate Sci-Fi most of the time but this movie kept me watching. Not sure why it just did not catch on in theaters

    • I think it is because people are, more and more, looking for movies that think for them. It is a movie that keeps you thinking about the prospect of what needs to be done. About if you were in their place, what would you do. Which character can you see yourself as…

      People are more interested in loosing themselves in movies that you just sit back and follow, like riding a rollercoaster. There is really nothing wrong with that, I have gone to movies for that reason too… but more often than not, I will look for these little movies that do not make it big. Movies like: The Station Agent, The Spanish Prisoner, Event Horizon, etc… All good movies, but not for the reason that people like to go to the movies. Good because you cannot relax and let them happen, good because you have to actively pay attention. Quinten Tarantino is like that as well. If you do not pay attention in movies like Pulp Fiction or Four Rooms, then you miss quite a bit.


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