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Mother’s Day…

So… Tomorrow is Mother’s day.

I would like to wish all mothers of all ages a very happy one.  Too often we do not appreciate the work that they do.  So do me a favor…  If you can, go hug your mom, just because.  If she is not living with you or near you, call her and talk for a while.  If your mother is no longer with us…  then remember her in fondness.  Light a candle for her, remember her with YOUR children or friend, or just talk to her anyway, we really cannot say that she will not hear you.

Again… Happy Mother’s day to all of you Moms out there…  As well as “Dog” moms and “Cat” moms!!!  😉

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  1. Mother is someone who is very meritorious for us. I am very happy to visit your site. In my opinion, love of a mother will not be exhausted devoured by time and era, because a mother's love of all time. I really want to make my mother happy. I really love him.

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