Observations during Hurrican Ike

Please note, these were observations made during the week following Hurricane Ike and we were still recovering from the devasting effects of the storm, I only mention that to give you some time perspective to the obervations. When I initially shared this with several friends and family members we had been without power since Friday midnight Sept 12th as the storm raged ashore, so this was written about 7 days into the ordeal. I will be sharing other thoughts in the near future.

Some observations-

When did it become ok to just do what you want at a stop light that is out. Do they not teach anymore that a non-working stop light is a four way stop and there is an order to who goes and when, and that the order is not the second car in line going when the car in front does.

Ike-must be global warming or houston failed to purchase enough carbon credits from Al Gore.

For those who believe government run programs are the best way to go- one word- FEMA. They are saying the best way to file a claim is through their website-hmmm 1.4 million people still have no power, gee thats real convenient, oh and you can’t stay on hold, they give you the website address and then hang up on you.

A local radio station somehow managed to give away ice, water and dry ice, 30 hours before any government agency was even in the city.

Deregulation of the electric industry, worst idea since government run health care.

Politicians with previous experience in private industry are the best people to elect. The mayor and county judge for houston, had to solve problems for the federal government like actually sending the trucks with relief supplies to the distribution centers. Instead of having them sit at reliant stadium. These two should be the next President and Vice-President.

Get to know your neighbors, you may need them, and they you.

Forget caffeine, cold showers are the best way to wake up.

Should have listened to Tina about Ike, she tried to warn us!

A friendly face and a hug can take away all stress for both the hugger and huggee!

And yes, being without power let’s you make up words like hugger and huggee!

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  1. I remember when I was a kid, some of the best conversations I ever had with my mom was when the power was out. Bakersfield used to get some powerful summer storms, and there were several times that we would be without power.

    It was a tradition… candles, tuna salad sandwiches and hot cocoa. There are times I miss power not being as reliable as it is today. 🙂


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