Chasing the spark.

I am not sure where I first heard that term, Chasing the Spark, but I have always liked it.  It can have so many meaning that can cover everything from the philosophical to the physical.

The way that I like to use it, in the rare times you will actually hear me use it aloud, is to refer to following a dream or a train of thought that may lead you somewhere positive.  It does not appear to me to be a reference that you could use for following anything tangible or anything that you can hold in your hand.  It seems to be more about going after that thing you want most or that idea that you feel most dedicated to.

I could also see how this can be used in the scientific sense.  To say that “he was chasing the spark”, could be applied to the quest for that missing element.  That something that you need to complete a project or that “Eureka!” moment that all scientists hope for.

This is also something that you could use to refer the search for the person of your dreams.  Finding that perfect mate that will be with you through all of life’s ups and downs.

No mater how you use it, if you use it, or what you take from it.  I have always liked the phrase.

Sorry for the short post, just a thought I wanted to share.

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