The Little things we keep

I recently, a few weeks ago, decided to go through and really clean house a for a couple weeks.  You will notice the use of  “a couple of weeks.”  That was not a typo, nor was it any form of exaggeration, we have lived in our house for ten years now and still have boxes that we have not oped since we moved in.

Yes… My wife and I are pack rats… that is my admission, so where is our twelve step program?

To be fair, I do not think my Wife was until she met me, save for a very large box she had of posters that she had on he walls as a teenager.  I think that my inability to throw things away rubbed off onto her, and now, between the two of us, we have an ungainly amount of trash that we have collected.

So, as I am going through all this stuff, there are things I am finding that I recall storing away and at the time I am sure I thought there was a very good reason for it.  Now, looking at them, I find myself asking;  “WTF was I thinking?”  Most of THAT stuff is things like notes that had no important information on them, receipts from items we bought ten years ago.  Pay stubs from more than ten years ago.  Candy wrappers that had entry forms on them from some obscure contest that we never entered.

I do not think that there is anything really wrong with collecting this stuff, I just think that there must be a limit to it that My wife and I must find.  Some stopping point that we need to learn so that we do not find ourselves saving ten-year-old turkey sandwiches some day because we saw something cute in the toaster pattern on the bread.

I am sure that her and I are not the only ones with this defect.  There must be many more people out there with this same problem, perhaps even worse than us.  So in that, I take some solace, some little bit of calmness from that thought helps me justify my problem by saying… “Yeah… but look at him, he collects bottle caps!”

Oh well… I will bid you farewell and go check on my chronologically sorted, named and alphabetized belly-button lint collection.

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