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More new features…

I have started a page called “Open Letters”.  You will see the new option on the top of the page right now.

This is going to be a place where I will post Open Letters to people that I know would not otherwise read a letter I sent them directly.  More or less it is just a place for me to vent, even if there is no one out there to listen.

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Samuel Wright
Writer / Father / Listener / Philosopher
I am a starving writer living in the backwater of California, in a place known mostly for Buck Owens and Valley Fever called Bakersfield.

This site is my release. A place for me to talk about things that annoy, please, or excite me.


What makes beauty?


Are we hostages to our parents dreams?


  1. Hi Sam,

    You have a good looking blog and I enjoyed reading your blogs.

    Thank you for reading my blog


    • Thanks for the kind words. I think that as long as you enjoy what you are doing, when building a blog, that is what matters.

      Yours is also a well done blog, you put the facts out there no matter what others may think. It says a lot about the writer.

      I hope to see you puttering around here from time to time.

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