We need heroes… especially today.

When you think of heroes, who do you think of?  Think for a moment and let some ideas come you your mind.

Who did you think of?  A President? Your Mother or Father?  A Close family friend? a Fellow soldier?

It does not matter, really, who you think of.  Heroes come in all shapes, sized, sexes, etc…  Simply putting a label on them is taking away from what they have done, said or meant to you as a person, to make them a hero in your mind.

I am going to share with you, the people have have come and gone through my life that I would qualify as heroes to me.  These are not only people that I know personally, but also people that whom I did not know, but have still have some effect on who I am, what I have become and influenced the type of person I am.

You might be surprised at some of what I share with you.  I would also ask that as I go through this month, sharing these stories, that you would take the time and share your stories with me here, or on my FaceBook account.

So… Let the month begin… April is “Heroes of the Samurai” month.

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