Who has it in for Russia?

This is just a quick post regarding the recent meteor strike in the Urals.

First, and most seriously, my prayers to all those that were affected by the event.   This has to be something unimaginable to happen to someone, and I would not have any way to identify with those who were there and affected by the hit.

When I think of things like this, it seems odd.  We all understand that we are at the mercy of the earth for most disasters.  Wind, rain, floods, earthquakes, etc… we all know that these are possible calamities that could affect us, dependent on where we live.   But who expects a meteor strike?

I mean, it’s not like that is even something you can prepare or plan for.   There are no meteor impact kits or things like that to even make you feel like you could be prepared.

I am just glad for all those people there that this was only an air burst.  If that meteor had impacted the ground in one piece, at the speed it was traveling and the size it was, we would have been looking at a much different set of headlines.

If any of you that were affected by this event happen to stumble upon this page, you have my best wishes.

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