Life without FaceBook… Part Two

On November first of last year (2019), I once again quit Facebook. I did this because I have some personal issues happening at home as well as to facilitate my efforts in school and take away one more of the many distractions that are in my life at the moment.

I did this once before, back in early 2016, but was drawn back in when the South High Reunion committee was looking for me and had some of their people hunt me down and get me back on Facebook for the sake of making sure I was going to be a part of the reunion. So I logged back in and stayed in.

One of the main reasons I chose to do this once again, is because of what Facebook has become. When I started using it, many years ago, it was more or less a place for people to socialize. This was my main interest and the reason Facebook drew me in. I wanted to have a place to talk to people I knew, look for people that shared the same interest as did I and maybe someplace to discover new friends (more on that in another post.)

Without going into a play by play history of what I think that Facebook has become, I will simply fast-forward to now and what I see it as being these days. And that is a cesspool of political fecal-matter and a place for people to put all their dirty laundry out on display.

I mean… I get it. People need someplace to hang out and talk about things. People need people to share with. But at one time, in the past, in a time before social media, that was done by people getting together over coffee or a beer and talking. Nowadays, using platforms like Facebook is similar to going into a crowded room and yelling out your issues, waiting for people to seem like they give a damn.

Some people do, but more often than not, I am sure there are many that see your clickbait, “Oh well” post and think, “Alright, do I bite and ask what is wrong, or just leave it alone, someone else will do it and we will never hear the end of it.”

For the most part, I am one of those that does not care. Anymore, I get annoyed with FB in that people do not communicate as much as they go there to yell, or spout their particular line of social or political fecal-matter.

So… The only part of FB that I use these days is the Messenger, and I am possibly going to be quitting that soon. That is a post for another day, though. Suffice it to say that I am taking the attitude that if people don’t make an effort to occasionally reach out to me and if I am the only one keeping any and all convos going, then maybe the friendship I thought was there, is only on one side and it’s time to let it go.

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