Katrina’s other victims

While we are all coming together to help the victims of Katrina, lets not forget some of the smaller victims of this horrific storm.

They are important in the sense that they, unlike most of their human counterparts, are unable to adjust to the problems they are facing. They also do not understand what has happened, unlike humans. All they know is that their people are gone and they have no one to be with them.

There are the countless dogs, cats and various other animals that are being forced to remain behind because the rescue agencies are not able or not willing to help these extended family members stay with their people.

Here is a list of agencies that are there to help save, reunite or adopt out animals that have been left behind. PLEASE, if you can spare a few dollars, please do so. These organizations are every bit as important as the Red Cross and others that are doing such a wonderful job of helping not only the New Orleans victims, but all those affected by Katrina.

Also… If you have room in your heart and house, then you might consider the idea of adopting one of the many dogs or cats that no longer have people to return to… there are many of them, and they need someplace to call home.

It does not take much, just an open heart and whatever you can afford to spare.

Having two dogs and two cats, my heart goes out to the animals and their people that had to leave them behind.

ASPCA Disaster Relief
Hearts United for Animals
Noah’s Wish
The United States Humane Society
D.E.L.T.A. Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society
American Veterinary Medical Foundation
American Kennel Club
American Humane

Thank you, in advance for anything and everything you can do to help.

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3 thoughts on “Katrina’s other victims”

  1. As an animal lover I whole heartedly agree. I would not leave my pets either in those circumstances. For us animal lovers our pets are like our children and of course you wouldn’t leave you children behind because there wasn’t room on the helicopter.


  2. This was so sad there are still animals not claimed. I feel for the Animals that lost their families it has to be real hard on the pets also to go from a day with a family to a day with none. I also heard many elderly lost their pets and had real hard time dealing with this. I do not think most people know just how sad and important this is.


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