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The Evil Dead series…

These are uniquely good movies. I have no way of really telling you that you will or will not like them. I do, but because I see them for what they are. Movies made by a bunch of folks that were looking to do something that they loved.

Do not watch these movies expecting to see Oscar winning effects or dialogue. They are campy, poorly lit, and very B grade… but they are fun. If you like B movies, which I do, and you want to have an enjoyable evening watching a series of these type of movies, then I strongly suggest that you hit your local rental dive, and get these movies:

Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Army of Darkness

Bruce Campbell and Sam Rami have done well with these movies, and while they are still, unfortunately, relegated to the B status, I rank them up there with any of the George Romero stories.

Watch them… or may the possessed hand of Ashe grab you by the nads in the middle of the dark moonless night!

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5 thoughts on “More movies to be seen”

  1. OMG dude I am such a B movie junkie and this is three of my favorite movies. I guess I am also a Junkie for living dead type movies. These are actually already all classics in my book.

    • There are also rumblings that Campbell and Rami are considering remaking these movies with a little larger budget that they can get these days. Now that they are more mainstream stars and all.

      Personally I hope that they do not. These movies are great BECAUSE of their campiness.

  2. Going to have to agree with Jay I love B movies. These actually have a cult like following these days. In the town where I live they do a late late night showing of the Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness. Its actually a great time with people dressing up and just watching and loving these movies.

    • I can agree with that… I was skeptical when I went to see that movie, but ended up loving it. Though I will say that Cera is becoming a little TO used these days.


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