Ok… I admit it.

I have been remiss in my responsibilities as your humble host.

I have not written anything new in quite some time, and for that, for those few of you who keep track of these things, I am sorry.

This has been a rather exciting time in my life. I went to Boston and then took a seven day cruise of New England and things are going rather nicely at work.

I have a lot I need to write about, and add to that the always interesting stories that can come out of the elections. I could write the better part of a year on that alone.

Anyway… things you can expect from me in the near future?

Writings on:

* The California Legal system (or “Send in the Clowns”)
* Politician, Elections and Voting… Oh My.
* Boston and the north east coast.
* Things I like about Reno.
* 10 Sexual positions that require a wrench and a blender.

Stay tuned…

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