Unanswered prayers…

There are many songs that touch me. Anyone that knows me, knows that when I listen to music, I REALLY listen to it and look for all the meaning that it has.

Because of this, I think I enjoy music that much more. To not only hear the song for the song itself, but also for the sake of the message, hidden or otherwise, that lies in the music or the lyrics. I feel that my desire to understand what the artist was trying to say makes the music that much more important to me. It helps be find a connection with the artist or the message that the song or album tries to convey.

All that being said, there are few artists whose music sticks with me on a regular basis. Such artists and groups as Pink Floyd, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Ozzy Ozbourne, Ray Lynch, and there are many more and one day I may write a follow-up post that talks about them. But the point of this post, if you could not already tell, is Garth Brooks song, “Unanswered Prayers.”

This song has more meaning to me that anything else he has done. I like all his work and would love the chance to meet him one day. He seems like a hell of a guy to sit and have a beer with in some seedy country bar that has that old twangy 60s and 70s country playing in the background while we sit and talk about sports and the fact that the barmaid is showing a little too much cleavage, much to our appreciation.  After all, we are guys.

“Unanswered prayers” may have a special meaning for many of us. Think of how many things that you wished and prayed for when you were young, that, in retrospect you are glad you never got? How many things that would not have happened to you had your wishes been fulfilled. The people that we meet as kids all too often turn out to not be the people that we thought when we grow up.

This is not to say anything bad about the people themselves. I, myself, had a list of people in school that were my idea of who I wanted to spend my life with… at that time. Looking back now, and who they are today, I realize that there are certain things that just were not meant to be. Sometimes things happen for a reason and we follow our heart, our desires or, in some cases, our hormones. Usually the latter ends in disastrous results.

It is hard to say how we get where we are going in life. How all our choices are made and if there is something else out there that is working to help or hinder us. I am not a big fan of the whole “Divine Guidance” thing, but I am also open minded enough to accept that there is a lot out there that we just do not know or understand. There are a lot of unanswered questions throughout life and I would like to believe that there are many that we do not need to know the answer to, in order to keep life fresh it is better to not know all the answers.

When I think of all the choices that I have almost made in my life and all those that i followed through with. All the people I have encountered, exchanged part of my life with and either made my friends, lost touch with or simply cast off as vexatious to my soul or to those around me, I do wonder if I alone made those choices or if maybe there is a greater power out there, which I know goes against my disbelief of the “Divine Guidance” idea. Who knows, maybe the “Pastafarians” have it right, and there really is a Flying Spaghetti Monster who guides us all.

Of the women I have known, I never expected to find the one I married. The fact that I met her at all was sheer chance. The fact that we met, became friends, fell in love and married (almost 17 years as of this post,) all because of a chance introduction, gives me hope that maybe I am wrong about how our lives are directed.

With all the billions of people on this Earth and all the chance encounters that we have, it is truly amazing that every now and then, two people meet, sometimes by chance, sometimes planned and bond to create a single unit.  Or as the Spice Girls might say it, “When two become one.”

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