Just a quick note to my readers…

Tonight at 20:00 Pacific time (That’s 8pm for those of you in Rio Linda), I will blow out the database, removing all non registered users.  This is to honor a “request” that I no longer send my emails to people whom I did not first ask their permission.

By now those of you who are registered, will have gotten an email from me letting you know that there is no further action required on your part.

If you do not get an email, then you are not registered and will get no further emails from this site.  Period.

If you would like to register, then you can do so on the main page in the lower right.  You will see a Register button right near the log in.



Thanks much.

Samuel Wright
Writer / Father / Listener / Philosopher
I am a starving writer living in the backwater of California, in a place known mostly for Buck Owens and Valley Fever called Bakersfield.

This site is my release. A place for me to talk about things that annoy, please, or excite me.