Was Convoy a Redneck version of Battlestar Galactica.

Sometimes I wonder where I get some of the things that pop in and out of my head.

Case in point.  This evening I was driving back to the house after getting a little something to eat and they were playing the song “Convoy” on the radio.  For those of you who either do not listen to country music or are too young to recall the song by Bill Fries, it is moderately catchy tune about a group of truckers that decide, for some reason or another, to form a convoy to protest toll fees, or some such nonsense. So they truck across country, plowing through anything that the studio budget would allow them to.

This caused me to think about the 1978 movie by the same name that was, unfortunately, a movie based on the song.  Never a good idea, in my opinion.  Another thing we learned in this movie was the Kris Kristopherson’s early days of movie making left a lot to be desired and gave this viewer the feeling that he was watching a 120 minute train wreck… in slow motion… at subtitles.  Add to this that we learned that Ali McGraw did for acting, in this movie at least, what Michael Tyson did for the boxing industry, only she had a nicer rack and was a little easier on the eyes.

Through all of this thought, it suddenly dawned on me.  The movie Convoy was a parable for Battlestar Galactica (aka BSG.)  BSG had a “rag tag fleet, looking for home” and Convoy was about a fleet of various trucks trying to get somewhere.  BSG had a leader calling the shots and Convoy had “Rubber Duck” (Played by Kris Kristopherson) leading them across the country.  BSG and the fleet were constantly being harassed by Cylons trying to wipe them out.  The Convoy had the police chasing them trying to stop them and arrest them.

You may not see it, but it suddenly ocurred to me that Convoy was a Red-Neck Battlestar Galactica.

And you… my dedicated followers, might have never realized that, until I shared it with you.

As a side note, it appears that I was not the only one that thought of this, as shown in this fan video.

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