Is America dying?

I read the papers, watch and listen to the news, read the blogs and listen to the way people talk and the question arises… is the America that we, as Americans, know and love, dying?

This is not a question of philosophy or morals so much as it is a question of us as a stable, strong and unified nation.  A question asking if we can survive the next 200 years without self destructing into a mass of greed and selfishness.

When I was young, I remember being told that you can get whatever you want with a little hard work and determination… I was even told that I, or anyone else, could even aspire to be president, someday, if we worked hard.

It really is not even about that anymore, is it?  Anymore it seems like the LAST thing you would want your kid to be is the President.  What’s more, being President is not about who can do the best job for the country, it is about who has the most money… so that they can spend it on advertising to bash their opponent and who can talk the “prettiest” talk soas to woo the voters to vote for that person. In short, the presidency is a “bought and paid for” office. It is not “earned” anymore.

Unfortunately it is not about the “Issues” any more.  It is more about the perceived issues as the candidate want you to see them.  It is about the problems with the candidates themselves, not the issues that they stand, or do not stand, to support of defend.  It is not about honesty, it is about what YOU consider honesty to be.

I have watched this latest bout of elections and I wonder if there are still people out there who READ the news.  People who look for information out there on the candidates or the laws that are going to be voted on, and really understand what is being said.  I wonder how many people who are voting, are people that ONLY watch the news that is put out by their selected candidate and do not take the time to challenge it by reading other sources.

How many people will base their decisions solely on what they see on TV, or on those little “Cheat Sheets” that the Democratic and Republican parties send out to tell you how to vote?  How many people vote “Strictly Republican” or “Strictly Democrat” without understanding WHAT they are voting for?  If you ask me, people who do this are expressing themselves as uniquely unqualified to vote.  They are sheep following the shepherd and expressing no free will, other than to be freely led by another person to serve that person’s needs or goals.

Why can people NOT SEE that our current path is taking us nowhere?  Many of the people that we are electing are not taking office for the purpose of helping this nation climb back up on top again, they are taking those offices for personal gain, to make something of THEMSELVES or to make money.

Someone I know made a comment, years ago, that still makes sense to me today, and I will paraphrase: “Why would someone spend millions of dollars for a job that only pays a few hundred thousand a year?” I understand that there is a certain amount required for advertising, but when does that amount become too much? Between the two main opponents they raised over 1 billion dollars for their respective campaigns. I cannot help but think of all the good that money could have gone, to help real issues. Instead we are giving them money to use to host dinners, buy ads on TV, News Papers, radio… etc. Essentially this is money that is being thrown away.

Politics disgusts me. There is no other way to put it. The people that win the elections are rarely in the race for the rest of us, lest it be for their own agenda. The people that do care and have the best ideas do not appear to get the support that they need and end up barely making a dent in the election and are later accused of taking votes away from the big two.

But you know… after all is said and done… there is only one group of people to blame. Us… the voters. I will say all of us, because it is not fair to try and break it up. I did try and do my part by leaving the Republican party and becoming an Independent, a choice that I have no regrets over. But the rest of us have become so complacent, so lazy, that we will not take a stand and send a message to the parties and change our affiliations. Not enough people stand up for a cause anymore.

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5 thoughts on “Is America dying?”

  1. Yes, I do believe that America is approaching it’s death-bed! With that said, allow me to explain.

    It is not of only this election that I speak, it encompasses many subjects and genre. We have become a country of excesses in ALL things. Greed has become the mantra of the rich and powerful, who will do anything to achieve their goals of wealth.

    And the politicians have become the most avarice of this new breed. Few have a real burning desire to really help THE PEOPLE, they only think of their own benefit.

    We have elected a man …… well, allow me to defer to our “friends across the pond” who have said it more succinctly and far better than I could ever do:

    The Brits certainly have a way with words!

    “You have to pinch yourself – a Marxist radical who all his life has
    been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshiped with, befriended,
    endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically
    promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power
    anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant
    former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming
    President of the United States. And apparently it’s considered
    impolite to say so.”
    Melanie Phillips, The Spectator (UK) 10/14/08


    There’s more that could be said about the demise of our country …… Entitlements, the Environment, Our lack of cohesive Energy Policy, I could go on but these are just a few subjects, that if not addressed soon, will lead to the demise of this country as we know it.


  2. You bring up an interesting point that ANG, one of the few other readers I have, keeps hitting me on. Why is it so wrong for us to refer to Obama as a Marxist? Trust me… I am not arguing the point. His record and the plans on his own web site, ooze of the flavor of socialized programs and Marxism. Obama could have run on the Socialist Labor Party (, and you would not noticed much of a difference.

    I am HOPING that my worries are unfounded and maybe this will turn out to be a good run. In the end, it is about all of us, not just a few people. Problem is that I do not think that BHO stands up for all of us, but only certain niche groups.

    He also has over 600mln in donations that he has a Faustian Contract binding him to various contributors.

    The Positives on this election year? The turn out was very good. So maybe there are signs that people are taking more of an interest in their country. Bad sign… the turn out appears to be pretty dense (i.e. Mentally challenged), based on some of the people that were interviewed.

  3. One other thing that can be said about the election of Obama… and this is actually a positive.

    The old adage that the presidency is a “White Boys” club, no longer applies.

    People of any color can buy the Whitehouse. 😉

  4. That bit at the end, of changing your affiliation, it’s funny you mention that, because as soon as I woke up today, I got online and downloaded the appropriate papers in order to change my affiliation. I’m now affiliated with the Constitution Party.

    It is definitely time to show the big wigs that there are people out there who want a greater America and think our founding father’s ideas are the way to that greater America. I’m only 22 years old and I’m fairly conservative. Our Constitution has been greatly forgotten and I think I have better ideas than most candidates, and I’d assure you that when I am of age, I would run for president, if a middle class man ever had that possibility. “Anybody” cannot be president, only anybody with enough money, not the right ideas and outlook.

    I’m only going to touch on this briefly. Barack Obama proudly pronounces his African American heritage. Why does he not show such passion for his white heritage? He is exactly as white as he is black.

    • Joseph… Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

      I have been cornered a couple times since my decision to change sides, but I stand firm. I have always been more of a Conservative than a “Republican”. When I did become a Rep… it was because they stood for what I believed in at the time. I am proud to say that I voted for Reagan and Bush Sr. Both Great Men. Somewhere after Bush Sr., the party lost it’s way. Neither stand for you and I anymore.. the “Little Guys.” They will say they do, and that their goal is to make life better. But Face it… with all his good intentions (where ever they might be hiding) I will bet good money that Obama will be lucky to get a quarter of his plans passed.

      The biggest problem is that there really has been no “movement” to put an unknown in the White House. As a friend of mine pointed out on my Forum the other day, the closest we have been in many, many years was Ross Perot, and the only reason he did not make it very far is because he flaked out on us and had a Admiral with Alzheimer’s as a running mate.

      I will, as I have before, say this about Obama. He did something that has not happened in a while, and that was motivated voters to get out and vote. This turn out is something that I have not seen in my lifetime… but hopefully it will be a trend. I think people forget that WE are the ones that should be running this country. It is like my favorite quote from the movie “V for Vendetta”, which I also recently mentioned. “The government should be afraid of it’s people, people should not be afraid of their government.”

      As a REPRESENTATIVE Democracy, WE are the voice of the nation and WE decide who speaks on behalf of us. We need to remember that before we FORGET that we are in control.


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