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When I started this blog, I did so with every intention of making it a place to keep things light-hearted and fun place to write the occasional article about my observations and opinions on things.  However, over the several years of it’s life, it has take on a new meaning to me.

I have found that this blog has been a sounding board for my own frustrations, a place to share my pains and success’ and a place to share fun things that I have seen and experienced in life with those of you who are willing to take the time to read.

With all this being said, I am looking into the option of changing the name of the blog into something a little more on par with the topics I discus.

I am willing to listen to any suggestions that you might have, or any reasons that you might suggest for keeping the name as it is.  I do not plan on making any changes until the first part of the year, so we have some time.

As always, I thank the few readers I have for their input and their time.

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2 thoughts on “My Blog…”

  1. I think we have all had enough change for the last 22 months. Yes that was Barack reference for those of you in Rio Linda.

    All kidding aside though I think the name fits, though I am still waiting for the burgers and brew!


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