Happy Thanksgiving Day

Hello all…  and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

I would say that this has to be my favorite holiday of all of them, followed closely by Halloween.  I know, Halloween is not really a “holiday” per se, but I have always thought that it should be.

Thanksgiving is, for me, a time to express myself through the art of cooking.  I have always enjoyed cooking and if you were to ask most people that have sampled my wares, they would probably say that it shows.  I, on the other hand, am the consummate perfectionist (excuse the bad grammar) when it comes to my own work.  I am never happy with the results and always looking to improve of the end product.

Of the many talents that I will credit my Mother with blessing me with, cooking and the ability to “create” in the kitchen is one that I will always hold in the highest regard.  It is one of those things that has always pleased me to be able to do, not only for mine and my wife’s benefit, but also for the joy of sharing with others.  There is nothing that shows your friendship to others more than the ability and desire to cook for them.  Anyone can take a friend or loved one out to dinner and treat them to a good time, but not everyone can invite their friends over and cook them a great meal.

In some cases, you could say that there is nothing more sensual that the art of cooking and sharing of food.  When creating a meal, you are putting together something that is designed to satisfy not only the sense of taste, but all senses.  First people will usually smell what you have created, and this will set the stage for what to expect in the meal.  Next, people will see the meal and if presented well, will be pleased by the sights therein. Then people will taste the meal or food you have created.  Then you get to have the pleasure of listening to them complement you on the meal.  Add to this a good wine and conversation, and there is nothing I have found that it better.

Food and the company of friends and family… is there nothing better?

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  1. I always wait for thanksgiving event arrived because I can create cuisine with my creativity. Not only that, thanksgiving event is the event to gather with family and friends. Well, I am so excited with thanksgiving event.


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